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  1. Confused9

    Kidney donation

    Has anyone here With HSV donated a kidney or know of somebody who has? I’ve read conflicting information on whether not kidney donation was possible and if it would kill the recipient from an infection if they didn’t already have HSV.
  2. Confused9

    swab was neg but I'm still worried... advice?

    I’ve been swabbed numerous times and they all come back negative so I too have no clue what is an outbreak and what’s not. I get small vaginal tears that are from not enough lube but they heal in 24 hours. Now I have what may be a pimple on my butt but it could be a single sore..... who knows. Ugh
  3. Confused9


    Does herpes cause a smelly discharge?
  4. Confused9

    Are dry eyes a symptom of herpes?

    Did the opthalmologist tell you the flaring lights are caused by herpes? If you don’t mind me asking how old are you? Mine said the lights are for a different reason.
  5. Confused9

    outbreak in new location

    Where is the new location?
  6. Confused9

    continuous OBs

    None of us are being punished with HSV. I think this is something you should discuss with your husband and he should be tested too. It’s possible he already has it and just doesn’t have symptoms.
  7. Confused9

    swab was neg but I'm still worried... advice?

    You said you have HSV1 on your bum so it’s possible that it was HSV, from what I’ve read it can appear in different areas of your genitals since all the nerves are connected.
  8. Confused9

    Valtrex and antibodies.

    Do you think taking Valtrex from first outbreak will cause my body to not make antibodies? If so, does that mean I can spread it to other places on my body? I am pretty sure that I have it on my genitals, my mouth, in my nose, and on my breast from 2 sexual experiences within 36 hours with my boyfriend who did not mention to me that he had sores on his penis because he doesn’t believe he has HSV.
  9. Confused9

    Confused and afraid

    I know my post is super long but any response would be most appreciated.
  10. Confused9

    Mouth sores

    I did not even think about the fact that my nose spray for my allergies which has a steroid in it could be prolonging the symptoms. Thank you for replying to my post and giving me something to think about. I’m sorry your outbreak is so bad.
  11. Confused9

    Mouth sores

    I also have almost constant pain in the roof of my mouth.
  12. Confused9

    Mouth sores

    None of the sores in my mouth have ever been bunched together mostly it’s like a spot on the roof of my mouth and then a week later there will be a sore spot on my gumline and then a week or two later there will be one on the inside of my lip and then there won’t be any for like a few months..... so I’m very confused, this all happens will taking daily Valtrex.
  13. Confused9

    What does this look like to you??

    Blood test says I have Hsv1 igg was 1.5 two years after my last sexual encounter. I always asked to be tested for everything not knowing like the rest of the population that HSV was not included in that so there’s honestly no way of knowing if I had it before that. I never had any symptoms before the blood tests but after it anything that I thought could possibly be HSV I had swabbed and every single one of them came back negative so I’m completely confused as to what is a breakout or not. I’m pretty sure my doctors think I’m completely nuts because I come in a lot to have any possible thing swabbed and again it all comes back negative and I normally go like the same day I noticed something.
  14. Confused9

    What does this look like to you??

    I’m not sure. Up until a few months ago I didn’t even think I had Hsv. I’m still trying to figure it all out myself.
  15. Confused9

    What does this look like to you??

    I actually get something similar on my thighs and I have no clue what it is either.