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  1. A doctor would be able to tell, but you might not. Often herpes sores aren't the horror show that we see on google images, so people write them off as something else. But also the sores could be either HSV1 or HSV2. So it's important to get them tested.
  2. To my knowledge testing a herpes sore is way more accurate than a blood test. There's more risk for false positives etc with blood tests.
  3. I take one 500mg Valacyclovir (generic Valtrex) per day and it has worked wonders. No outbreaks in a couple years. I stopped during the various lockdowns (because I wasn't sleeping around) to see how long it would take to get an outbreak. I got one after about a month, fairly mild. I went back on the meds and nothing since. My outbreaks were never horrible, but I just don't want to have them, so I take the meds daily. I I think I could not do it daily and take it just enough to not have outbreaks, maybe once or twice a week. That would take some figuring out. I am sleeping with people again now though, so I take it daily to help suppress it. I have heard it can affect your kidneys, but also heard it doesn't. I got a kidney test done and it came back normal. No other side effects to report, and I'm never stressed about an outbreak popping up. Maybe it's an issue for people with kidney issues. Something to discuss with your doctor.
  4. I have been taking one 500mg Valacyclovir (Valtrex Generic) per day for a long time and haven't had any outbreaks in ages and no side effects. Maybe try that?
  5. Condoms are definitely not a 100% protection against anything, but if you're more comfortable using condoms, too bad for him. Unless you're in a long term monogamous relationship with this guy, it's condoms or goodbye.
  6. Did you get the sores tested or just blood? Go get the sores tested if they show up. It will be a more accurate result.
  7. So how would this be proven? If someone slept with me and then slept with someone else who has herpes, how would they determine which of us infected that person? Unless that person was getting tested on a regular basis for all STD's, how would they determine that person didn't already have herpes? I understand in the case of HIV or AIDS which is a deadly virus and less people have it than herpes and it can be better traced, but in the case of herpes that can lay dormant in your system for years and then pop up, it would be impossible to prove anything. And secondly, if I went to a doctor who said it wasn't necessary to disclose are they now going to prison? It's ridiculous.
  8. Please point me to the law that states people with an STI must disclose. How would this law even be policed?
  9. Either you are more moral than me, or we have a very different view on sex. Either way, you're incredibly judgemental.
  10. Why do you pray you haven't passed it on? If you hadn't disclosed you would wouldn't know either.
  11. Neverwouldathought: If they have undetectable HIV the odds of me getting it are about 0%; however, you are stigmatizing another STD which doesn't help anyone with STDs. You are comparing a virus that can kill you to a virus that causes a temporary skin condition that the majority of the world has.
  12. Have you given herpes to anyone? If a doctor told you as long as you're not having an outbreak, you don't need to disclose, would you still disclose?
  13. Also to note. The person who you are not disclosing to may have it and have no idea. They may also not be disclosing.
  14. If someone wants to sleep with me not knowing I have herpes, by not telling them, I am not taking away their free will. Whether they know or not, I still have it. Telling them I have herpes does not increase or decrease their chance of contracting it. All it does is create fear and ignorance and stigma of what herpes is. I do not believe it is dishonest to not tell them. If they ask and you lie and say you don't have it, then yes I agree that is dishonest, but not bringing it up is not the same as that. I repeat, if you are on top of it, you take meds, you know what version you have, you use protection, you don't do anything during an outbreak, the odds of them getting it from you is likely less than them getting it from anyone else they would sleep with instead. Considering how common it is, they're more likely to get it from someone who's not on top of it and not educated on the subject. I also disagree about it being helpful to our mental health and well-being to disclose. The constant rejection and demonization and stigma of people with herpes is more damaging to our mental health and well-being. Considering how many people on earth have it at this point, yet will reject solely based on fear and ignorance is not helpful to anyone. We are seen as outcasts. As lepers. As damaged goods. I stand by my position of not disclosing unless asked in a casual situation. I'm taking care of my herpes. I'm educated on it, etc. The risks of me getting something from that ignorant person are way greater than them getting anything from me.
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