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  1. This report shows that there is a newly diagnosed STI every day the number hits 1 million this is unbelievable but they didn’t include herpes as it’s incurable https://www.who.int/news-room/detail/06-06-2019-more-than-1-million-new-curable-sexually-transmitted-infections-every-day
  2. After a while you will realize herpes is not a big deal and your fake friends are just ignorant as most people who judge a person with a skin condition even though my life turned upside down because of this virus but life goes on again your friends are just ignorant.
  3. Sorry about that I guess you should expose her to her family and friends because she is rude and disrespectful and disgusting person check her Facebook and expose her you would feel better am going to do the same but am taking time so she (the girl woh intentionality lies to me and infected me) would forget me and am going to get revenge by exposing her because she was so bad and disrespectful as well.
  4. It’s been more than 16 months since I contracted HSV almost 9 months since I had my first terrible outbreak still having lesions on and off no meds or supplements I just stopped eating arginine rich food back to bread as most people here in France little sugar but am dying to eat chocolate Peanut butter I don’t like chocolate but nutilla is my thing am afraid it will mess my genitals and I just can’t stand the itching because I keep itching and end up with more lesions
  5. Today the pharmacist said no more pills damn it they said it’s already past 6 months so I only have 400mg I’ll take em tonight and would save myself the embarrassment I want to see how things goes I don’t mind the pain am used to it as long as I’ll not have an outbreak like the first one I’ll post here how things goes am not afraid of this virus am sexually active it’s been 8 months now not sure if am interested in sex anymore!
  6. Hi ash128083 am not an a doctor but Acyclovir did nothing to me it’s common to have antiviral residents cases some here reported the same am not sure but maybe you have hormonal problems!
  7. I believe I contracted it in April at least I know who gave it to me,first OB around early August till today I changed my diet no gluten no garginin therapy am not sure about that i better wait and see so fat i get few blisters from waist down but on penis there are always peeling cracking blisters itching i always say something isn’t right i know my body I don’t get sick for this long just want to not feel my lower body anymore because this is destructing me and I don’t want to suffer from this for 2 years till i get back to normal,always have a sensitive skin used to suffer from acne my whole life now herpes wow this turned me to a different person when i accidentally meet an old friend they tell me you look like shit what’s up (^-^)
  8. The worst experience in my life totally devastating fiscally and mentally am suffering for almost 5 months now bad HSV strain messed me up let alone declosing to a potential future partner isn’t acceptable to me I don’t want to put her in this situation if only there is zero chance to transmit it then it would be easier but no medicine works
  9. I am in the same situation first OB was early August till now am not completely clear I have a bad habit with is smoking a recreational cannabis maybe it’s the reason for me I just don’t feel like myself anymore this is frustrating
  10. Hi all l,happy holidays (this might feel childish but I have to talk about it also am super sensitive about herpes in the first place) Going to the pharmacy every 2 weeks to get my 6 month suppressing therapy I feel like shit actually it happened today and 2 months ago as am taking this to have more sex that what they think I just can’t believe this I live in Paris you know sometimes it’s possible to find un profitinal people,I keep asking myself is it me i look like a dirty contagious person am tired of this, sorry H bros/sister am super sensitive it’s been 4 months now and still struggling nothing worked and still suffering from inflammatory and a messed up looking penis and now this,it has turned my life up side down I lost so much weight because I didn’t eat like before less sleep sometimes I feel if i don’t think sucidal it’s not normal just feeling empty with no life am tired.
  11. I have the same problem but am newly infected 6 month ago first OB 3 month ago my body reacting different I devoted eczema and body rash on belly arms inner thighs hands and feet but it’s drying now and leaving dark marks that looks annoying but I believe because I never stopped scratching I have a very sensitive skin my whole life
  12. Diagnosed by my doctor she examined my penis then said it’s nothing dangerous at all it’s just a virus and most people have it but am sure it’s herpes when I first started to feel up normal I hade an ED almost like my penis was shrinking then small pimple on tip of penis I popped it then another big soft round one on penis shaft then after few days full blown herpes OB then it went worse and worse I couldn’t go to the doctor because it was the weekend I barley slept was losing my mind then Monday August 6 i started my medication 3 month now still in pain.
  13. Male 35 France (not french though) been 4 month now still no improvement want to take to someone so bad because I never talked about this sharing helps healing.
  14. Hello male 35 i believe I contracted H in April,first outbreak early August was horrible the worst experience I have had emotionally and physically ironically I was talking on the phone (i live in France far from her)to my to be future wife I told her she is my world, next morning hade the worst headache never had one like that and right after 2 days the nightmare began,something strange happened I believe when I’ve been exposed April 15 days later I got sick couldn’t move for 3 days I thought I was kinda bad cannabis we consume here in France but I turned out my first OB but why my first OB was 3 month after my exposure till this moment I wake up with a messed up penis 😔 ever morning it’s inflamed and small blisters all over penis shaft,glans always dry and inflamed and red after washing with Soap,am taking daily Acyclovir 800 mg I added 200 to that but nothing worked my doctor told me this is nothing and like everybody has this it’s not a big deal she doesn’t no Sh#*%,am not going to take about love life in the future I just want to feel normal like before I know it’s stupid to hate my self because of H everybody has a problem if not physically deffenatlly psychologically thanks for reading so lost and confused man!
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