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  1. I've never, to my knowledge, had an outbreak of any kind. I was tested because the person I drunkenly hooked up with later told me that she had herpes (which they now deny). I retested simply because I had a full STD screen done, and went ahead an added the HSV1/HSV2 test.
  2. I initially tested positive for HSV1 (2.39 IGG) and negative for HSV2 back in early 2019. I took another test in mid 2019 and tested positive for HSV1 (2.11 IGG) and negative for HSV2. I just took another herpes test and it came back negative for both. How is this possible? I've never taken anti-virals, and I can't see why or how I would test negative after testing positive twice. Is this common and/or has it happened to anyone else? What are the chances that this was a false negative? (Before anyone recommends it, I don't have the money for the Western Blot test.)
  3. Last October, I had a few hookups with a "friend" who later stated she had herpes, only to then later adamantly deny it. Long story short, I couldn't take the anxiety anymore and got an igg test back in February, which came back negative for HSV2 but positive for HSV1 (2.39). At the time, my doctor said not to worry about it as HSV1 isn't really an STD. Keep in mind, I've never had any visible outbreak, sores or anything other than what I can assume are anxiety based "symptoms" brought on by my "friend". Was a rough couple of months, to say the least, but I'm better these days. Anywa
  4. I got tested because back in October I drunkenly slept with a friend who, mid act, decided to tell me she has herpes (she now claims she doesn't and says she doesn't remember remember saying that nor does she know why she would). I did go to my doctor initially when I thought I was having an outbreak, but he said it was nothing and that I was "competent healthy" after he ran a bunch of tests. Didn't really help, as I suffer from anxiety as is. I eventually decided to drag myself into a local blood testing clinic after months of worry. After my tests came back, the physician told me
  5. Yes, that's a horrible thing to say, but it's true. My IgG test came back negative for HSV2, but positive for HSV1 (2.39). And I have no idea what this means. To my knowledge, I've never ever had a visible herpes outbreak. I've spent the past two weeks combing the internet, and I can't seem to find any straight answers. Is that a high number? Does that mean is a recent infection? Heck, I don't even know where I have it (which is the worst). I feel like I'm losing my mind. Every little itch, no matter where it is, sets me off. I guess I'm just looking for some straight answers. Anythi
  6. I just picked up my results. IGG test for HSV2 shows <.90 (negative), while the HSV1 test shows 2.39 (positive). The paper I was given says anything above 1.09 is positive. I guess I'm trying to make heads or tails of it all. Thank you.
  7. Thank you all for the responses. I did go get tested for both HSV1 and HSV2. Got the phone call about an hour ago that it came back negative for HSV2 and positive for HSV1. I have to wait until after work to pick up the results, but I'm unsure as to how to feel. On one hand, I'm relieved I don't have HSV2. But, on the other, I do have HSV1. And as, to my knowledge, I've never had a visible outbreak, so I don't know where. So what now? Do I just start telling people I have herpes? (Sorry if that's a dumb question.)
  8. Back in October, I had unprotected sex with a friend of mine twice (it was dumb, I know, and alcohol induced). Anyway, halfway into our second encounter she casually mentioned she had herpes and that I can't get it if she's not having an outbreak, which needless to say killed the mood. I later confronted her about it, but she swears up and down she doesn't have herpes and doesn't know why she would have said she said. She claims she doesn't remember anything, and blames it on the mix between her alcohol and her meds, but I don't really believe that. Since then, I've been freaking out
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