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  1. Well guys I finally did it. I had “the talk”......when I tell you it went the opposite way of how I thought it was going to go I couldn’t contain my tears. I couldn’t wait to log on and tell you guys. I have been dating this guy for 4 months now with keeping him at a distance because I felt so ashamed of keeping me having herpes from him. I felt I wasn’t worthy of finding love and that no one would want to be with me because of it. But joining this community has lifted my self esteem as well as building my courage to disclose to him. We had the conversation in a comfortable setting and he wanted to talk about taking our dating to the next level as far as being exclusive. He didn’t expect for me to tell him this. While I told him about what I had, I made sure that I educated him on the virus as well as if we were to be intimate safe practices, medication that I take etc. I made it clear that he can ask me anything for clarity. His response was nothing that I thought it would be. He asked me is this what I been carrying around this whole time and why I won’t let him in. I told him yes. He said me telling him this is not going to change the way he feels about me as well as wanting to grow and be with me. All I could do was cry. He told me all he want is me that means all of me. I just fell into his arms because it just felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe easy now. I felt so stupid because I allowed this virus to control my thinking, my life and how I interact with people. I’m telling you guys if someone is really for you or into you trust them. You will know when it feels right and when it doesn’t. I’m proof that there is love out there for all of us. Just do your part and use your best judgment. P.S I’m super HAPPY 😊
  2. @Lilly82 @PhillyChick, I’m inspired even more now by reading your story @Lilly82 and your words of encouragement @PhillyChick feels so honest and coming from a truthful place. This is my first disclosure since my diagnosis and I have been putting it off because I was so scared and just didn’t know if there was some type tactic we are supposed to use lol. But I’m pumped and ready. Wish me luck 💪🏾
  3. mr_hopp thank you for that. We have a date this weekend. I will see how it goes. I do feel like I can trust him. When he talks to me I feel that he cares for me just by his energy that he gives off when we interact with each other. I’m just nervous. This is my first time back on the dating scene since my diagnosis. I’m educating myself with it and I want to make sure I’m able to answer any questions he may have. It feels like when you are on a rollercoster ride and you know the drop is coming and my heart drops into my stomach.
  4. OK so I’ve been talking to this guy for about two months now and everything is going well the conversation is there at the chemistry is there and at this point we haven’t done anything sexually and conversation is amazing I just want to know when is it a good time to disclose. We do have feelings for one another but I just feel like I’m hiding something from him by not telling him about this I don’t know how he would respond and I don’t know how he would react to the conversation we talk about sexually transmitted diseases and how to stay safe and all of those things but I actually haven’t disclosed about my condition so when is the good time for the right time to disclose to him need help any suggestions or advice please
  5. There is only one person in my life who knows and that is my best friend of 20 years. She was there the day I got my results. I don’t know how to tell my family. Yes what happened to me was in no way shape or form my fault but I have to live my life with something that was forced on me. I know they would understand but the part that makes me so scared is saying it out loud.
  6. MarieH thank you for your words. That helps me more than you can imagine. I just felt like my life was over and undesirable. I figured there has to be people like me that are going thru the same issues. I’m glad I found this sight. My area doesn’t have any support groups. Thank you again😊
  7. Hello everyone I’m new to the group and I’m just curious how people deal with telling partners or potential people you have interests with for a relationship? How do you talk about it or prepare yourself for their response? I contracted the disease from my rapists. How do you tell someone this? Looking forward to advice please
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