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  1. Im sorta dealing with a similar situation. I disclosed to my partner that i have oral H, she took it well and didn't judge me*(thank the Lord)*for the most part she educated herself and felt better in way about the whole thing. Im soO nervous and feeling so messed up bad inside cause i want to be intimate and accept the fact that when she looks at me and i know it's a kissing moment i fall and just give her a hug.. It kills me knowing i have to deal with H and i have someone who wants to be with me. I don't know how to accept the fact i could give her H.. 😕 *(this sucks.. It's such a horrible feeling)* I trully care about her and i can see myself with her for life.
  2. Thank you Jasmine, everything you said made utter since to me. Dealing with the physiological frustration can be wayyy overwhelming.. I have HSV as of yesterday.. My Heart hit the ground like pure gravity, there many things i wana say about this..
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