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  1. And Ivread many stories where ppl with hsv1 were always negative on blood test and I have personally met two guys who are negative on IGG and WB but positive on swab test. I am wonder what do you think about this test https://www.imd-berlin.de/en/special-areas-of-competence/lymphocyte-transformation-test-ltt.html I am not sure if it’s available in USA but it is in Europe.
  2. Still my question is does Quest lab give you numbers when you are negative? Or maybe anybody has experience with anylabtest? Because for example Labcorp lab just give you informstion that your number is <0.9 without giving any numbers...
  3. Hello. Thank you for this info Mr Hopp but I am not sure if you understand my question because for example LabCorp if you are negative gives you only the information that you are negative without a number it just says that your score is under 0.9 without giving you number. I read on westoverheights that it’s worth it to get WB if you are “high negative” like your score is 0.7 that’s why I am asking if Quest gives you number when you are negative. Mrs Warren says that according to studies IGG hsv2 is 92% sensitive compare to WB which is 99% sensitive but IGG hsv1 is only 70% sensitive and even WB is 96% sensitive for Hsv1. So basically non blood test will give you 100%
  4. Hello. I would like to ask you if blood test in Quest labs give you numbers when you are negative as well? Or they will just write that your score is <0.90 and you are negative?
  5. Easy to say for a person that it’s not the end of the world for somebody who doesn’t have daily nerve pain. Bitch was/is cruel she doesn’t care about Rob for her it was just sex while for him it was serious relationship.
  6. To be honest I have it for almost one year and still getting nerve pain in my penis and thighs. When I have bad nerve pain my skin gets more red and inflamed. Some days are batter some are worse. But it’s less severe then used to be. I have just started suppressive therapy two weeks ago and it was much better at the beginning but now it’s so so. I cannot find any triggers for it I have already cut sugar and high arginine food. I can say that stretching helps. If you want to share more experience just pm me.
  7. I had the same just the other way female to male so I think it’s not so rare as statistics say. Focus on you and your health. Whenever you want just message me we are here to support you. Everyone here has own story.
  8. Stay quiet it’s his and her business. Live your life. Anyway how do you know that he has ghsv1? I know that it happens but transmission Genital to genital with hsv1 is rare...
  9. Easy to say hard to do. Especially that you have to deal with health problems caused by this virus.
  10. Hi, I am male from Europe - no support groups over here, I am struggling 5 months with this. I am lookin for somebody to talk.
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