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  1. You have to wait 12-16 weeks after exposure for the tests to reach maximum accuracy after infection. Being on antivirals can significantly delay the seroconversion. IgG shows whether you have the virus or not. If your IgG value is below 3.5 and above 1.1, it might be false positive. To confirm you can do a western blot test which detects 99.8% of HSV antibodies. Regular HSV blood tests (IgG) misses 30% of HSV-1 and 8% of HSV-2 infections. IgM tests are unreliable for herpes and useless.
  2. I’m 26 M from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I got HSV in my throat (don’t know the type of it). I’m struggling mentally and medically. Looking for a chat buddy!
  3. I’ve HSV in throat but don’t know which type (most probably two). I have a post nasal drip and sinusitis and doctor suspects it maybe caused by valtrex. I stopped taking it yesterday as doctor says I may not get further recurrences as HSV-2 doesn’t prefer oral region.
  4. My mom is pretty sure I had cold sores when I was a kid (5 or 6 recurrences in total) but I don’t remember any. She also gets cold sores a few times a year so it’s highly likely I have it. The reason I’m thinking that it’s HSV-2 is, if you had cold sores, you will not get HSV-1 in throat from oral sex. It all happened after oral sex. I don’t think my mom is wrong obout me having cold sores.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Have you ever had any symptoms for HSV-2? It looks like mine is a very old infection.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Have you ever had any cold sores? Did you find out you have HSV-1 via a blood test? It looks like mine is a very old infection.
  7. Hello, I contracted HSV in my throat from an oral sex 11 weeks ago. I did IgG tests at 4, 8 and 10 week and all show HSV-1 positive and HSV-2 negative. All IgMs were negative. I don't have the index value for 4 and 8th week tests. However, 10th week test showed IgG of 27.7 for HSV-1. Is this an old infection? I mean older than 10 week? People with HSV-1, could you please share what was your IgG when you tested? and How long you had? I feel like I have HSV-2 orally but my body hasn't built up antibodies for it so far. Thanks....
  8. It doesn't cause me any problem while I eat or swallow. My throat is always scratchy and dry with a feeling of having cotton in throat. The dryness and problems behind uvula where food usually doesn't touch. I am drinking 4~5 liters of water a day because of Valtrex.
  9. Hi all, About 10 weeks ago I did an oral sex on a guy. I had initial outbreak (not sure) two weeks after the incident but it was very mild. I had a weird feeling in my throat since then, dry, scratchy, feeling like cotton is there :D. On the 8th week I had a major outbreak, lymph nodes under my mouth was swollen with four sores inside my mouth and a couple in my throat. I went to get them swabbed, positive for throat and negative for mouth. They didn't check the type of the virus though 😞. I had HSV-1 from my childhood so most likely what I have in throat is HSV-2. Doctor prescribed me Valtrex. Pain and swelling was gone in two days but still I have that weird feeling in throat. Has anyone experienced HSV-2 in throat? How many outbreaks did you get?
  10. Hi. I performed oral sex on someone 10 weeks ago and 3 days ago I had an HSV2 IgG test and it was negative. I developed a sore throat 3 weeks after oral sex and throat swab was positive for HSV but they didn’t check for type. I had severe anxiety at that time which could have led to HSV in throat. IgG for HSV-1 was positive 10 weeks after exposure (it was positive 4 weeks after exposure as well). I used to have cold sores when I was a child My questions are: 1-Is it possible to get HSV-1 in throat after many years without having cold sores? 2- how accurate is IgG test for HSV-2 after 9.7 (~10) weeks? thanks.
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