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  1. Feel free to message me! Ive had it for a year so somewhat kinda used to it now so might be able to help
  2. I don’t feel like you should feel too bad, they tell us that in the UK so should everyone here feel guilty all the time too? I think its personal choice and contrary to what most people on this forum think, your taking the necessary precautions so whats the problem? Sometimes I dont understand because we’re constantly told its no big deal its just a skin condition but then you get condemned for not disclosing 😩 you can’t win. If you had passed it to anyone im sure you’d know about it by now!
  3. Thanks @Riseandfall i might have to try that too. Your so right i would never have known if i didnt have the symptoms they dont even do the blood tests so we wouldn’t know our igg levels. its very annoying sometimes. But interesting to see the culture differences between USA and UK.
  4. Hey! I suspect most people here are from USA but im from London and what i’ve found is the doctors and clinic won’t even give us meds unless you have severe outbreaks. Surely this would mean that rates in the UK would be so high? I just can’t understand it, the nurse even said to me i don’t need to disclose to partners. has anyone else from the UK experienced this? Is this the right approach to take? How cN we prevent passing this on without meds?!
  5. Stop eating it for a while and see if thats it! For me i was getting them CONSTANTLY literally back to back so i just looked up common triggers and cut them out my diet. I realised i had granola every morning or porridge and as soon as ive stopped they aren’t back to back anymore. let us know if it makes a difference! just look up all common triggers and cut them out for a while see which one made a difference its hard but worth it
  6. Oats, period and underwear that rub me up the wrong way! i will always get one if i eat oats and a week before my period i always get prodomes oh the joys
  7. Hi hun, i think you probably have a trigger that you don’t realise - for alot of us girls its our periods for me it’s that and oats - i dunno if you eat oats but maybe try cut that out and see if it helps? if you get an outbreak before your period take a double dose for a day or 2 and see if that helps if you need to talk you can dm me!
  8. I think its because its so common and it really is just a skin condition (an really annoying one) i used to get eczema and it reminds me of it when it would flare up randomly. Its the stigma thats the killer!
  9. Hi guys, first time poster, long time lurker! So I got diagnosed with hsv2 in October 2018 and since then i've been getting an outbreak every month, right before my period. The outbreaks have been getting less and less severe each time so drs decided not to put me on medication but then recently i got diagnosed with bv and had to take a bunch of antibiotics for that (metrondiazole). The next day i had a massive outbreak, just like my primary one. Excruciating pain! Are the two linked? Can bv or thrush cause outbreaks? ive got a drs appointment tomorrow but just want to see if any of you ladies have ever experienced an outbreak because of thrush or BV.
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