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  1. @MarieH That's awesome! Was your a high-risk strain? Or did you have the wart strain? Did you do anything to make it go away? I was worrying that my HPV won't go away because my HSV will make it hard to go away, but if your HPV went away, then it is possible? Have you had the HPV DNA test? Are you over 30?
  2. @Jenn88, You can most certainly donate blood. Most of us do not know who gave it to us because it does not cause symptoms in some and it is not routinely tested! Do not put that load on yourself. Most of us do not know who gave it to us. I don't know either. My doctors even sent me an email that said that trying to figure out who past it onto me was a waste of time because it could have happened at any point in my life after becoming sexually active. While you feel bad now, and you should take your time to heal, remember that you are not alone and by age 50, most adults contract these H conditions. I suggest a book for you by a doctor who came out with her HSV diagnosis. It's called: "Yes, I have herpes" Check it out!
  3. @Jenn88, yeah I understand. My friend works at a clinic and told me they do the wart HPV removal all the time and it is very common. HSV is often seen in their clinic too. What part of it makes you feel dirty?
  4. @Jenn88, I felt like I had gotten over herpes, but since a new HPV diagnosis, my wave of emotions came back as well. I am also going through the same feelings. When I first got diagnosed last year with HSV, it took a few months to get over but I didn't even think about it most days. I think we will both get there eventually. I hear that there should be no rush in the emotional healing when it comes to there diseases and that many people have it including many people in our families, but just do not know it because this is not routinely tested. I am also seeing a therapist for this. Is your HPV the high-risk type?
  5. @Phillychick, how long have you had both? @Jenn88, how are you coping?
  6. I'm married and my partner is not stressing over it. Since you have the wart type, it does not lead to life-threatening situations. A lot of people have those and it's not a problem. The HSV will be a bit more difficult to talk about because of the stuff in the media about it (herpes jokes), but some people are accepting too. You will most likely find someone. Many people have HSV2 nowadays.
  7. Hey! I was shaking when I found out. I have had a couple of doctors tell me that it is going to be ok as long as I go to all of my screenings and that I can fight it off. I'm still waiting for the type test result. Found out a couple of people I know have HPV too. I'm starting to feel ok about it. I got over the HSV diagnosis months after I was told I have it. I was nauseous and very depressed for a while after I found out, but HSV really does not impact life. At times I forget I have HSV.
  8. You do not have to wait 6 months to take the test. I got diagnosed a month after exposure through a blood test. There is a potential risk for transmission, but from genital to oral is unlikely IF you have HSV2 genitally, but can happen. If you have HSV1 genitally, there is a higher chance of transmission to the mouth, but that would depend if the virus is active. Transmission can occur even when breakouts are not present.
  9. My lips are currently dry too. It is due to the current cold weather where I live. Is it cold where you live? I used all kinds of lip balms and nothing worked. The only thing that worked is just plain old Vaseline. You won't really know if you are having an internal outbreak. I suggest you make an appointment with your gynecologist because only a gyn visit can give you an answer to your current symptoms.
  10. How were you diagnosed with herpes? Yes, herpes can be transmitted orally. If you both have different strains, you can transmit them to each other through oral sex if you do no use protection.
  11. It's pretty accurate after 4 weeks to test. I don't think this is herpes. Sounds like bacterial vaginosis or yeast. Fingering can cause bacterial vaginosis. Did you recently have a gynecological appointment?? Get an appointment for those symptoms.
  12. What did your doctor say about your swab results? Usually, swab tests are pretty accurate. The blood tests are the ones that have given false positives in the past. Not so much now with the newer generation of tests. Did you have a lesion when you were swabbed?
  13. I read your previous posts. Your symptoms do not lead me to think it is herpes. Sounds more like yeast. Glad you saw a doctor for it. Your twitching can definitely be nervousness or anxiety related... lots of adrenaline. Go for a run to lower that adrenaline.
  14. The prevention of a first outbreak all depends on the state of the immune system. You may contract herpes and not have signs or symptoms until many years later. Stinging of lips can be due to many reasons. If you have dry lips and you are putting vinegar on them, your lips will for sure sting. I would stop treating lips with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Let the lips heal and see a doctor if you really need peace of mind.
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