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  1. My ten year old just came back from his weekend at his dads and was very excited to play me his " new favourite song" It made me laugh and I thought I'd share in the hope of making someone else laugh ! I imagine if listened to too much it would become very very irritating Why oh why do we have to grow up !!
  2. well everyone is different. Some only last a couple of days with hardly any symptoms. However, if you are like me I had what felt like a continual cycle for 3 months and valtrex didn't seem to help. I'm ow on suppressive. Sorry I cant be of more help
  3. @WCSDancer2010 omg this song... I was only singing this last week with my sis reminiscing.. and @Reality hope your feeling better. Your in a good place here. We have a lot in common so if you ever want to pm me feel free :-)
  4. A Bird Sitting On A Tree Is Not Afraid Of The Branch Breaking Because Here Trust Is Not On The Branch But On Its Wings So Believe In Yourself And Win The World!
  5. You have me started now ok Im going to have to visit the who made a mess and I'm going or I will be here all night !! :-)
  6. Oh goodness , I am now going to have to dig my police CD out ! Every little thing she does is magic, everything she does just turns me on .... haha am I old ? and while we are on the topic of fear, I came across a great book a few years ago called feel the fear and do it any way by Susan Jeffers.. I have a book shelf full of bloody self help books, but this one is a good one also there is another great on called stop thinking start living Ricahrd Carlson ! if any one is interested !! :-)
  7. Oh you have me started now !!!! this one sums up the support of this forum and is a song I love !! not a dancing round the room while cleaning in my pyjamas song , more in the shower pretending I'm on x factor !! :-) so for all the new people who have joined our community since I was last here ( and there seems quite a few of you ) these words are for you x
  8. Im in the UK and your Gum clinic deffo your best option. I went there and have had nothing but positive experience with clued up understanding doctors /nurses. I had continual outbreaks for months and so in Sep they gave me suppressive ( Aciclovir) with a lovely topical cooling gel ! the suppressive has worked and for 3 months not had outbreaks only the occasional tingle ect. I was afraid because they said we will do 3 months and maybe take me off. But I went back a few weeks ago and the Doc said as your still having tingles and its a horrid time of year and with stress from a new job we w
  9. Pam, you inspired me so much, that I took one step out of the closet. Since that day Things have got better for me. I have disclosed to friends with positive outcomes and to my sister. They all love me just the same, but are now educated on the topic ! I was amazed that my sister didn't even realise that her cold sores she gets on her lip once or twice a year is herpes. She does now :-) I have encouraged a friend to join here because she also has H. And both her and my sister are jealous of the connections I have made on this site through H bud, which I also give you credit for because you h
  10. I really needed this today thanks for sharing :-)
  11. This is fabulous. I am so happy for you and I going to have a big glass of wine to celebrate for you this evening :-D you have come such a long way in such a short space , I am so very proud . I have to say Though I'm ever so slightly jealous . I quite fancy some magic in my bedroom :-D xx
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