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  1. That’s a very bold statement for someone who doesn’t know my situation! You don’t know who I am , so I don’t get how you can even assume that ! I’ve had a massive struggle and I’ve been to the lowest points where I thought it was the end , I still struggle with this but I’ve learnt that with a positive attitude it isn’t the end of the world! I’m also not saying what she did is ok , because it’s not, but expecting to get revenge and feeling better as a result isn’t going to happen, what I’m saying is to let all the resentment and hate go, it isn’t going to change anything , apart from ha
  2. I’m sorry but this is a very bad way to deal with it! It’s bad that she didn’t tell him till it was too late but having HSV of any kind isn’t the end of the world, outing her to all her family and friends out of spite and bad blood, could be the end of hers. People talk, it’ll get into the wrong hands, so if you want to take revenge and out her to everyone that she knows just makes you equally as disgusting as you believe she is, whilst also creating a bad stigma towards having HSV! Please think about the real consequences theses actions could have before promoting this response !! Also
  3. Thank you so much for the response ! I’m In the Uk also, I wonder why I’ve been give only 400 daily, but yeah it’s working fine so I’ll stick at it 😌
  4. Hello, I’m currently taking 2x 200 mg of acyclovir daily as prescribed by my doctor, it seems to to working fine but I’ve read on here that to be able to suppress it and cut the chances of transmission you need 500-800mg daily is this correct ? I’m debating if to ask for a higher dosage or start taking 4 of my tablets daily if that’s the case .. but don’t want to do that if it what I’m on is already enough Thank you 😊
  5. Hello, quick question as I’m starting to worry, so I have hsv2, I’ve had it for nearly a year and I don’t have many outbreaks as I’m on Acyclovir however I’ve just booked to go to Mexico for 2 weeks and I’m just wondering if I’m actually aloud to take the tablets in my luggage ? Or would it be best to just leave them at home and hope for the best ? And will the sun and sea make outbreaks more likely and frequent ? I know the sun can trigger cold sores but I wasn’t sure if it was the same concept down there as obviously that area won’t be as exposed 🙄😂 Thanks in advance 😌
  6. Hello I’m a 23 year old female from the uk with HSV-2 , I’ve been diagnosed for about 6 months now and although I do have a lot of good days where I try not to think about it, I’d love to be able to talk to people in the same situation or similar situation 😌 to provide and receive support, advice etc , no gender or age preferences.
  7. Hello 😌 I also had something similar on my first outbreak, I couldn’t wee without being in excruciating pain for about 2 weeks and I’d try and put myself of going in fear of the pain, the Drs wouldn’t swab me for herpes so I was given antibiotics which actually made everything a whole lot worse ( my body doesn’t react well with antibiotics) which extended it to about 3 weeks of having to wee in a freezing cold bath pretty much under the cold water tap, I literally cried every day until I went to the specialist Sexual health clinic and was given some acyclovir .. 6 months later I’ve had about
  8. Hello, I’m 23 currently studying my masters and I think the stress is causing me to break out literally ALL the time 😩 I have HSV-2 and I’ve had it for just about 6 months so I’m a bit gutted my outbreaks have actually increased in frequency ! Whilst most are simply just a little bump which is a little tender this one is worse with actual ulcers 😩 luckily it’s at the side so it’s not as painful but it’s put me in a real negative place again! I keep trying to remind myself it could be worse and to be greatful that I can still live a happy, healthy life .. but it’s a lot harder to do whils
  9. So I’ve had HSV-2 for around 6 months and thought my outbreaks would be less frequent but they seem to be happening quite a lot🙄 they aren’t terrible, I just get a bit of pain,tingling and swelling no ulcers or anything but it’s so frustrating! Does anyone know any food / vitamins that I can take in order to try and prevent this happening? Also when I had my first outbreak I was already ill and on antibiotics so my first outbreak was absolutely horrific! However I’ve noticed the places where I had the ulcer like sores is totally different to where I now seem to get my little outbreaks (
  10. Hey so I’m recently diagnosed so I can’t offer that much help , however I’m sure that’s not the case! I’m sure he can still do all these things if he wants, yeah disclosure absolutely sucks ( I’ve not done it yet but I’m terrified) however it really is only a skin condition , it isn’t life threatening, it isn’t scary once people know the facts, so I’m sure he will find women who think he is worth the risk and even if this isn’t the case and it means it’s hard to have one night stands, at least now he knows he can find someone who truly wants to be with him and that in itself is a blessing! not
  11. Hey thank you both so so much for the help and advice! It’s so appreciated, especially with your attitudes regarding relationships and how people are still willing to consider a relationship after learning the diagnosis! Because that’s been weighing on my mind so much, the diagnosis itself didn’t bother me it’s the whole disclosing which scares me and has impacted my life the most 🙄 I met him again and I’d come to the conclusion that if I did tell him about it I’d be in constant fear of him telling everyone about it as he seems like a person who struggles to keep stuff in especially when
  12. Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with HSV2 about 6 months ago and have had a few outbreaks, nothing as bad as the first one ! I took the news really, really bad and couldn’t deal with it at first , however I started to feel a bit better as it is effectively a skin condition with a really unfair, bad stigma. I have remained single ever since In absolute fear of disclosure and rejection. However recently I started speaking to a guy I’ve known for a long time , he’s absolutely lovely , he’s really into me and on paper would be perfect, however , the other day we got onto to topic of stds and
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