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  1. hi all -- here's my timeline: -unprotected sex with a friend Sept 28 -probably around Oct 25th, started having itching ... some redness -tested for chlamydia/gonorrhea Oct 31, came back negative -started noticing some more redness and some white spots on the mons pubis/other vulva, not raised or fluid filled, just flat white spots -went to a clinic, tested for yeast/BV, was clear, said they didn't think herpes -went on vacation out of the country 11/13-11/9 came back, had some pain under armpits -got hsv2 igg test at about 8 weeks past exposure, came back negative didn't really go away, have some white marks now at the top of the vulva, almost look like insect bites? no fluid in sight then got sick, fever chills for a day or so, mainly sore throat/cough now here we are, still have flat white dots all on my mons pubis, the white things on my vulva -- i have ad nauseam been inspecting my vagina, had about 700 mental breakdowns its now Dec 6, and my outer vulva is still absolutely painful, burning most of the time — I also have gotten cold sores since I was a kid, have one, and my lips are throbbing — plus have had stabbing pain and rashes appearing in my armpits. Not to mention weird twitches all over my body. i feel like i've had almost every herpes symptom, and it’s all been going on so long now, and i have an OBGYN appt in a week, and am planning on testing again. any advice on what the hell is happening? do primary outbreaks last this long?
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