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  1. @Jck84 maybe call your dr for a course of antivirals...I’m currently sick right now too and feel like I’m about to have one, I’ve had this for about 10 years and it’s worse than ever and I don’t know why :/
  2. Hi all, I’ve been taking 1g of valacyclovir a day since January but there are times where I feel like I’m about to get an outbreak. How should I be taking the medication during those times? I read 500mg 2x a day for 3 days...but will my doctor prescribe that to keep on hand for when that occurs? Can I cut the pills in half and take them like that? Is anyone on 1g of valacyclovir a day and still feeling like they’re on the verge of an outbreak? This has consumed my life in the past 2 years after being 8yrs outbreak free...
  3. @Jck84 honestly idk if lysine helps or not, I take 2-4000mg of it a day along with antivirals and I feel like I’m in constant discomfort 😒
  4. I feel like I’m in the same boat as you! I have genital hsv, don’t know if it’s type 1 or 2 because my doctors brush me off with the “its the same thing.” Anyway, I’ve had this for about 10 years now. I don’t even remember the first year and a half without suppressive meds being as bad as it is now WITH the meds. I was on acyclovir for 8 years and did not have any symptoms, I would get what felt like a yeast infection every 3 months right before my period when I was on the pill so I stopped the pill and never has those symptoms again. For the past almost 2 years now I have had constant pain, discomfort, irritation, redness, nerve twinges down there. I switched to valacylovir 1g a day and it has helped a little bit but I am still feeling the symptoms, it’s almost like I feel like I’m constantly on the verge of an outbreak but I don’t get typical sores. I’ve noticed during ovulation is when I feel the most discomfort inside my vagina (sorry if thats tmi). I really would love to know what is going on with my body. Everything you read and every doctor says that as the years go on your body suppresses this thing and you barely get outbreaks. All lies. If you go through this for him he will read more and more people are experiencing this. Let me know if you find a specialist. I’ve been debating on setting up an appointment with an infectious disease specialist because I’m at my wits end.
  5. @Survivor I feel your pain! I was diagnosed in 2009, was on acyclovir for 8 years with no outbreaks or symptoms and then all of a sudden BAM, constant outbreaks that are far worse than any I had when I newly acquired the disease. I feel like I am in a constant state of irritation and discomfort and there are days where physically it hurts to walk or do anything. I have an 11yr old and an almost 6 yr old and I have to make up excuses as to why I don’t feel good and have to lay down all the time. It is so draining. I too am always tired and irritable, I get these “brain zaps” I guess you could call them and am always feeling like my head is foggy. All this even while on 1g of valacyclovir a day. I’ve had this for so long that I thought things were supposed to get better as your body builds immunity. I eat healthy and exercise regularly and nothing seems to help. I’m in a constant state of depression. My husband doesn’t have the virus and I’m so scared about passing it to him. I hope things get better for you !
  6. Your post is so relatable and I feel your fucking pain! I’ve had genital hsv for about 10 years. I couldn’t tell you if its hsv 1 or hsv 2 because both my gyno and primary care doctor have said “it doesn’t matter which one because it’s the same thing.” But is it really the same thing? Like I would like to know what strain I have but they won’t do it. I honestly think these doctors don’t give a shit about helping people “like us” because the virus isn’t deadly. There hasn’t been any new drug developments against this since Valtrex came out in the 90s and it sucks. The physical and mental suffering from this virus in unimaginable. I wish I could honestly say it gets better. I was on acyclovir for 8 years, had ZERO outbreaks, no prodrome symptoms, then one day I had a HORRIBLE outbreak. Worse than I have ever had in my life. After that they kept coming every 2-3 weeks and seemed to be WORSE when taking the antivirals. I was also taking 3-4000mg of lysine daily, vitamins etc., all the bullshit the websites tell you to do and nothing helped. Finally went to my dr and asked for valtrex, which they only give the generic because these asshole insurance companies won’t cover name brand. It’s been about 7 months and things have gotten better but I feel like I am constantly about to get an outbreak. The stress of feeling this way prob makes it worse but when you are in constant discomfort how are you supposed to forget you have this thing and relax? Everything I read says over time your outbreaks will become leas because your body gets immune. What a crock of shit. I think everyone needs to band together and start an uproar. We need better treatment/medication/a vaccine against this/a cure. I’ve gone 10 years and idk how much longer I can take either.
  7. This one is for the ladies. To make a long story short: after a horrible year of outbreaks (had genital hsv for about 10yes and was on acyclovir with NO outbreaks for 8 years then all of a sudden BAM, horrible monthly internal outbreaks) I switched my meds to 1g of valacyclovir. While it did seem to help I’ve felt that the prodrome symptoms are almost constant. A few months ago I started taking Culturelle Women’s Healthy Balance Probiotics which also promotes vaginal health. I swear the months where I religiously take these I feel so much better down below. Idk if it’s all in my head or not but I would suggest any women with genital hsv to add these to your regimen and see if it helps. Anyone have insight on this?
  8. I’m hoping for a response soon! My pharmacy is refilling my meds with the Mylan brand this week and I am PRAYING for a much better outcome...
  9. Hey!! Did you find out what brand you are taking now? I just had 6 good days after a week of a flare up and now I’m starting to feel like its happening all over again 😒 I’m calling my pharmacy to ask for the Mylan brand tomorrow. I cant deal with feeling like every other week I’m about to have an outbreak!
  10. I just sent a message to my doctor asking for a prescription for name brand Valtrex. A few other websites that I have been looking on people have said that generic doesn’t work for them. At this point even if my insurance doesn’t want to cover name brand I will eat the money in order to get a better quality of life than I have right now. Does anyone know how likely it is to become immune I guess you would say to the medication? I thought that it was a really low rate for healthy individuals but it just does not make sense to me that the antivirals would stop working.
  11. This is all so frustrating! @BassMaster99 can I ask you what manufacturer is making the valacyclovir you are taking? I have read some posts that people have been having problems with certain manufacturers and I wonder if that is the case. I know generic meds are supposed to be the same as the name brand but I’m wondering if the name brand works better. I was going to ask my pharmacy to change what brand they are giving me for a few months to see how it goes and if it’s the same constant irritation I’m going back to my dr to ask for name brand valtrex.
  12. @mr_hopp I cannot think of any added stress in my life that can be contributing to the increase in outbreaks which is why is is becoming so frustrating for me and also the fact that the outbreaks are not a typical outbreak anymore. When I was diagnosed 10 years ago I would get a typical sore that would eventually heal. This would happen every few months which is why I started suppressive therapy. I had no outbreaks for about 8 years. In the course of those 8 years I became pregnant twice, one child I lost and the 2nd one is perfectly healthy, got married, and had other very stressful events and still was outbreak free. In February 2018 I started antidepressants to see if they would help deal with the loss of my infant son, a very small dose, and all of a sudden I had a horrible outbreak, both internal and external, that was so bad I couldn’t walk. I immediately stopped the antidepressants and every month after that the same thing would happen despite being on acyclovir. Finally after a year of suffering my doctor put me in 1g of valacyclovir and that was great for 6 months. I definitely see a difference in different manufacturers of the medication but I’m not sure why all of a sudden this is happening. I exercise regularly and eat healthier than I ever have. I take vitamins and lysine but I can’t seem to get this under control. I’m 34 and don’t think I’m premenopausal (I read that can have an effect). My husband and I want to have another child eventually but idk how that is going to happen when I feel like I have constant symptoms (he does not have the virus). I’m becoming extremely depressed and at my wits end.
  13. Hey! Did you ever end up going to the doctors to change your meds? How are things going?
  14. Has anyone been on brand name Valtrex and the generic valacyclovir? Have you seen that the brand name works better then the generic? (I know generics are supposed to be the same but who knows). I feel like the generic isn’t working for me and want to ask my doctor to send in a prescription for name brand only and pray my insurance will cover it.
  15. I’ve been trying to find new articles on hsv and it seems like everything is from at least a few years ago or more and reiterates the SAME things that I feel like aren’t even true. Does this virus actually mutate/change causing outbreaks to become more frequent and change how the outbreak presents itself? Does this make the virus less affected by antivirals? I’m at my wits end after having genital hsv for 10 years now. My outbreaks have gotten completely unbearable in the past year and a half even while on antivirals. Everything I read says this is supposed to get better. Is anyone’s symptoms getting worse? I wish more doctors would do more research on this and try to find a better medication for us. The mental and physical suffering is becoming too much.
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