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  1. I’m an asthmatic and recently contracted COVID. I believe my husband brought it home from work unfortunately. I’m on day 8 and my breathing is getting real bad. My doctor gave me azithromycin and prednisone if I feel like I need it. We all know prednisone and any immunosuppressant don't mix well with herpes. Years ago I would have zero issues being on prednisone for my asthma but starting two years ago I’ve had bad herpes symptoms even while on antivirals ehich I’ve had to tweak my dosing etc. The passed several months I’ve felt great “down there” so I’m worried starting prednisone for my brea
  2. Famvir is going to be the next step for me if this gets out of control again. Just makes no sense that for 8 years I was symptom free and then all of a sudden it got crazy. There is a new drug that is coming out for those who don’t respond yo what is out all ready, I forget what its called.
  3. Hi all, It’s been a little since I posted. I have a question that I’m not sure if anyone can answer. I have hsv genitally, taking valtrex etc. outbreak control have been good for a few months, I think for me a lot has to do with my hormones. Anyway...I scheduled an appointment for Botox for my crows feet around my eyes. Does anyone know if Botox can cause an outbreak? I was filling out the medical form for the office I’m going to and I did not check off the box that listed “herpes-genitally”. This isn’t my doctor and I’m not comfortable disclosing that to someone who I just met who is giv
  4. I dont think I ever had those levels checked. For the past 3 months I’ve felt really good down there though. Nothing has changed in my life in terms of stress or diet. I think for me a lot of it is hormonal all of a sudden. My doctor prescribed me more antivirals so the week that I ovulate which is usually when I start having discomfort I can take 2-1g instead of one. I feel like thats made a big difference.
  5. Hi! I’ve had this for about 11-12 years. The past 2 years I have been getting HORRIBLE outbreaks despite being on antivirals. I went 8 years of no symptoms or outbreaks on the meds, met a man fell in love and got married. Then 8 months after our wedding I was hit with the worst outbreak of my life. Even when I first contracted this I didn’t even know I had it because it was so mild I thought I had an ingrown hair. I dont get sores anymore just intense discomfort, swelling, itching etc. It happens once a month the day after my period ends for about 4-5 days. I double up on my Valtrex usually an
  6. @GreyhoundLover I think a lot of people have a negative reaction when herpes comes up because of the stigma surrounding it. There are so many people with this and everyone is afraid to talk about it which is why theres so much stigma. I only have one friend who I’ve confided in. She has oral herpes which is why I told her I have it genitally. She was so comforting and was like “it’s literally not a big deal, yes its uncomfortable when you have flare ups but don’t let it define you or let peoples ignorances define you.” My therapist was also very comforting. You deserve to be happy and find som
  7. @Sumshine Can I ask you something? Where you have had this virus for almost 40 years, were there ever times where the virus was worse and you would have more outbreaks or have your outbreaks been the same throughout the years? How long have you been on Antivirals and do you find that the Antivirals have worked steadily for the time you’ve been on them? I’m trying to get some insight on the virus as time goss on. I’m 35 and was diagnosed at 24. The first few years I had typical outbreaks with a sore every few months. I start antivirals and for 8 years had zero outbreaks. All of a sudden 2 years
  8. I’m in a similar boat. I’m. 35yr old femald from the US. We don’t get any help here either. Just “the suppressive meds will help”. Well what do you do when they don’y help? The more and more angry it on these different forums the more I see that the medications do not help, whether the pharmaceutical companies are making them different on this virus mutates, there are more and more people like us who are suffering with no help. And the doctors either don’t care to find a solution because this is an a deadly disease. I was diagnosed at 23 or 24. I believe I contracted this from my boyfriend at
  9. Ladies who have herpes and are pregnant or have been pregnant: were youre outbreaks worse or better during pregnancy? Were you on suppressive medicine or no? I started having a lot of genital issues starting 2 years ago after having the virus for 10 years. First 8 years on suppressive meds I had zero issues, 2 pregnancies with zero outbreaks. Mu husband and I are debating on trying for another baby but I’m so worried where I have been having symptoms monthly while on the medication. Theres times where it’s hard for me to “mom” because of the discomfort I have as well as the mental state it put
  10. You sound like a really great guy Joe. The stigma around this disease is really unfair and makes a lot of us suffering ashamed and hate ourselves. Like you said, this can happen to anyone. Whether you have slept with one person or 25 people, it only takes one. You can even get this genitally from using protection because condoms don’t cover everything and also from oral sex if someone has coldsores. It doesn’t matter if it’s type 1 or 2 it manifests the same way and the fact that some people don’t have symptoms or symptoms show up years later make it a very tricky disease and very easily sprea
  11. So I found another forum called Honeycomb and came across a thread about gene editing for herpes. Has anyone heard of this? I googled it and found a company called CRISPR or something. I really hope this is something that can be done in the future. Also a new drug approved for shingles in Japan that is said to help with hsv 1&2 called amenaleaf they were talking about. Something needs to be done to end our suffering when antivirals aren’t working anymore.
  12. Very similar symptoms over here! I’ve had the virus for about 10yrs. First few yrs had typical outbreaks every few months and decided after 2yrs to go on suppressive therapy. That worked for 8yrs than I started getting outbreaks monthly. I switched antivirals and thinks got a LITTLE better, however, almost EVERY month as soon as my period ends and I approach ovulation I get those same symptoms you described. Mostly internal itching and discomfort like a yeast infection, discharge is normal but sometimes sticky almost if that makes sense but not the consistency when you ovulate. The inside of m
  13. I know I’m late to this thread but I am experiencing the same thing and looking for hope/answers. Have things gotten better for anyone here? I was diagnoses with the virus 10 yrs ago. I did 8 years on suppression with acyclovir and had next to no outbreaks (only time was when I was on the pill and it would happen every 4 months almost like a yeast infection). Then the medicine stopped working for no apparent reason and the outbreaks have been more painful than ever and constant. I switched to valacyclovir which helped for 6 months and now the same thing is happening, every month, sometimes eve
  14. Has anyone been prescribed Famciclovir for suppression? Any success on it? Valacyclovir and Acyclovir doesn’t seem to be working for me anymore. I was on those for 8years with great success but the past 2 years have been awful...
  15. How much Valtrex are you taking? Are you on generic or name brand? I’m having the same issue and I don’t know what to so anymore!
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