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  1. Lovenhope

    Girl advice

    I'm currently on a daily dose of 500mg. I didn't know there's an impact on kidneys. So if this is a life dose, it'll eventually cause kidney issues? as far as seeing someone. I transmitted this through a sexual assult. And have been seeing a counselor since then to deal with it all. She's amazing but still feel like unless you're dealing with it you don't really truely understand. It's so easy for others to be like "someone who loves you won't care" when the reality is that you have to tell people before the are "in love" with you. And the whole concept of "if they reject you they are rejecting the virus not you" well yeah true, but that sucks even worse knowing that it could've worked out if this one thing wasn't there. again thank you all of the suggestions and advice I really don't know where I'd be without this forum.
  2. Lovenhope

    Girl advice

    Thank you so much for all the advice. I'm on valtrex now and read on another forum from a person who had similar issues that they took a double dose right before/during their period even if symptoms were not there just to keep it from happening. Not sure if that's a good choice or not. Thanks for the suggestion on the soap I will have to give that a try. Trying really hard to get to the other side of this and find my calm happy life again but feel like dr's don't always really get it and feel like I just needs mentor. So I really appreciate both of your advice!
  3. Lovenhope

    Girl advice

    Still attempting to wrap my head around this entire thing. Need some girl to girl advice. What does everyone use to wash on a daily basis. I feel like I've been super scared to use anything that will cause an outbreak, yet want to make sure to keep things clean. Also, any suggestions or anyone else out there that seems to get an outbreak a few days before their period? It makes me spiral back down every month just when I think I can do this, this really isn't a big deal. Any suggestions and support would be great!
  4. First of all I am not sure where I'd be without finding this forum. This continues to be a huge roller coaster of emotion for me mostly because of the giver being my attacker at the same time. Was diagnosed in November and have been trying to focus on getting back to "normal" again. Been trying to keep the hope that it'll all be ok soon and that I couldn't have done anything to stop my giver/assulter. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, after taking the advice from my counselor to just go outnand date. Not worry about telling people. met someone online. We started talking and met up for dinner. Found out we have common friends, and this automatically made me spiral down again. My brain Automatically went to thinking "great. He knows so and so and they know everyone I know. I'm going to have eto tell him and if he rejects me he's going to share that information with all of those people" my counselor reassured me to take it day by day. Took her advice and we now hung out 2 days this past week and have been texting daily. I guess just need support in disclosing at some point in the future. He has made some comments that has made me terrified to disclose. (Like being super conservative, not that ppolitical views make me think differently just worried he won't be open minded. And mentioned having super sensitive skin.) I understand the importance of not making it seem like a big deal and having statistics...but nowHowu get the condidence? And I know..everyone keeps saying "they aren't rejecting you they are rejecting the virus"... Still hurts like hell.... My hearlrt hurts knowing that this stupid thing could ruin this. Any support would be helpful.
  5. What did you say? Trying to plan one out for future use m. But can't ever think of how to tell someone
  6. Was diagnosed at the beginning of November. My entire life has been nothing but crying and defeat. When does it get better? Seems like every 2 weeks I'm calling into my Dr. Having them refill my perscription. And every time I'm a huge mess feeling so defeated. Trying to eat as healthy as possible, working out as much as possible but fear it'll just make it worse, I don't drink too often and when I do I drink vodka water to make sure sugar content is low.... Just feel like my life will never get back to having hope and happiness. Any suggestions?
  7. Im a female...recently was diagnosed with gH..don't know which mind yet. I have to say that this forum has saved my life, literally. I've had several worries/concerns in attempting to take control of my life. I apologize if some of these questions are stupid. 1. I know there's research to show that H can't be spread through sheets, towels, toliets, etc. Does this include towels recently used after a shower? Not that I share towels with anyone but it causes great anxiety to think that I can give it to someone else after I shower if they happen to use or touch it. 2. I've read that transmission rates significantly decrease (1% from female to male) with medication and condoms and avoiding sex during an OB. Does it lower it even more if there is some sort of other "protector" like a make wearing boxers? Or female wearing some sort of underwear that limits skin to skin contact? 3. Females- how do you go about showering and keeping it all clean? I've had major anxiety about touching down there while washing my body. I use a mesh body sponge for my body but afraid to use the same one to wash down there. To be honest I've been using a wet paper towel or wet toliet paper so that I can throw it out after each shower and I immediately wash my hands even though I just used soap to wash my body...(I know I probably sound crazy) 4. Transmission rates: I've read that it is 1% from female to male when all procautions have been taken per year. What does that really mean 1% per year? I know it varies from person to person. 5. Ive read that it is very rare for someone to get it on their fingers. When a male uses their hands or fingers to stimulate is there any sort of protection for them? Ive read dental dams work for oral. Just attempting to get as much info as I can. As well as ease my brain back down from the edge of a mental break down. Not at all ready for any kind of relationship nor am I even close to being ready to disclose to anyone. So just taking baby steps to getting my life back.
  8. Lovenhope

    Looking for hope

    Thank you for the reply. I am truely hoping that joining this will give me some comfort. As my doctor said I am reacting like someone who has just lost a family member reacts and that this isn't a big deal and turned around and recommend some anti-anxiety medication. When in reality I do feel like I lost a family member, and that family member is me or my life goals specifically. I don't know how I'll ever be at peace with this stigma. I know I can handle it as apart of me, but how is anyone else going to accept it and still want to be with me? Is there ever a day I'm going to stop crying? I just turned 31 and feel like my time is running out already for what I want in life, and now I feel like this diagnosis just flat out stole everything from me.
  9. Lovenhope

    Looking for hope

    Recently was diagnosed with ghsv transmitted from a sexual assult. This entire thing has brought me to such a low place. All I have ever wanted was to be a wife, have kids, and enjoy being a family. As much as I have found a little bit of hope here reading other people's journeys, everyone continually says that it's possible to have a full happy life, right now I feel like I have no purpose. When does it get better? How do you get someone to care for you so much that they can look past this? So lost. So hopeless. Looking for anything to make me believe in happiness again.