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  1. Don't mean to always be the negative one in here, as there are so many people enjoying their life even with H. just curious how people let go of the anger. I've had this now since November and am continuously anxious and angry about life. I contracted it through a sexual assult so I get that plays a big part of this. I'm so angry at myself for even giving that person a chance, angry at science because how is it even possible there isn't a cure for this yet in this day in age, angry that this is the one thing holding me back from fully opening up and being with someone I really care about because I know he won't be able to see past it. He brings up being a germaphobe often. I'm in counseling because of this and because of suicidal thoughts all because this . Even though "it's not a big deal, it's a skin rash, there a worse things to deal with in life, there will be people who accept it". All of those things just make me even more upset and angry because none of that crap matters when the world is only focused on the stigma. "The stigma is worse than H itself" sure, but that stigma is what has made me have suicidal/negative life to for 6 months now. Don't know how to get my life back.
  2. Would love to have mentor/someone to go. I'm new to this and completely lost with life now.
  3. Any advice. New to this all. Have read to avoid shaving as much as possible. Any secrets or tricks? Terrified to do anything anymore.
  4. Following. Would love the same. Would love to have a mentor/go to person to talk through alot of this since drs seem to not really care or think it's a big deal.
  5. Started researching into the anti-inflammatory diet after reading about someone using it and how well it has worked keeping OBs at a minimum. While looking at some meal plans, I noticed that it encourages the use of collagen powder mixed into some food. Any thoughts? Experience? I know it's supposed to be good for skin and hair, but not sure if anyone has had it cause more OB. Thanks.
  6. My heart goes out to you. No one should ever ever ever have to go through the loss of a family member. It's just not fair. You are all in my prayers tonight. We all deserve someone to lift us out of this darkness. was also finally in the gym and getting back up from a rough and long over due break up. Funny how life seems to work. Hope it is nothing but up for all of us.
  7. If it wasn't for my parents being the amazing people they are and finding this forum to talk to people like you and the rest of us here who get that our feelings aren't actually irrational and "crazy" or "dramatic" like I've been told from non positive people (my Dr.) I honest don't know where I'd be. Thank you for your thoughts. You mention prayer. Just out of curiosity has H make you question your spirituality? That's another area I've been struggling. Thanks to everyone here btw.
  8. I've had it since November of this year... Unfortunately I received it through a sexual assult from someone who clearly didn't give a shit to stop or protect me and my feelings. The first and only people who know the entire thing are my parents. I am very greatful to have the parents I have. Because without them I would've ended my life over this. It took me about a week to just get enough strength/mindset to get off their couch. But the crying and extreme roller coaster of very very low emotions haven't changed. I see a counselor every week, and she's amazing. But unfortunately I don't know think I'm ever going to be "ok" with any of this.
  9. I agree. I am really trying to push through this, but feeling extremely down and don't know how to get past it. I was always a positive person and always was hopeful that everything will work out. But currently feel like I'm worthless, gross, and forever alone.
  10. The only person I know of is a guy from high school that when anyone sees at the bar always says "yeah he's a great guy but stay away cuz he has H". I know it's an ignorant comment and I am guilty for having that mindset in the past. But it's just so frustrating that something so "simple" and non harmful.... Cause this much emotional distress and cause people to feel like they don't deserve to live anymore. Why can't they just figure out a damn cure already.
  11. Thanks 100918. Can I ask how you got the confidence to even tell him? It literally makes me sick just thinking of having to talk about it. They say so many people have it, yet I know 0. I don't know how anyone is going to accept me or be able to look past this.
  12. Feeling the same way right now with you. Why does something that they say isn't a big deal, harmless to almost everyone, can still live a normal life, cause so much emotion and pain. Why does this one thing make people feel so worthless. Everyone says it gets better, but they also say it's a tough journey but does it really get any? Never hated myself n my life so much then I do with this.
  13. As I've been reading for endless amount of hours on how to get past, accept, and have a normal life back, I've seen so much on how food effects this entire thing. I've seen to avoid coffee, workout, eat healthy. Just wanted to get some thoughts of the trustful people here. Coffee? Thoughts? Is there a better replacement to not be dead tired all the time? Before my situation took place, I was in the gym 5 days a week, found preworkout and protein that I really liked and had my routine down. Since the situation I've been afraid that the pre-workout will cause an outbreak, coffee will make it worse, and high intensity workouts will cause an outbreak. Thoughts? Experience? Suggestions?
  14. Thanks. I really appreciate everyone's support here. That's all I've been doing the past 4-5 months is just constantly trying to breath. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to have helped very much. The more and more I read about h, the more i see that it's not a big deal. However, not very many people out there think the same. Terrified of being alone forever and feel like I no longer have a purpose in life because all I wanted was to be married, have kids, be a family and I feel like that has now been ripped away just for the fact that I don't think anyone is going to be able to look last that :'(. How have you accepted it? Dealt with it?
  15. Thanks. It definitely does. Every time I start to feel like I'm informed I end up finding something that makes my anxiety about it all sky rockets right back up. Ugh. Thanks though
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