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  1. I’m right with you guys, tingling in hands and feet, red irritated urethra for months (slight discomfort after urination for months as well), recurring strong leg, back, perineum, and back pain that lasts for weeks, sensitive/burning groin skin, sometimes red patches on penis head (seems to respond to anti fungal), sometimes random shocks/pricks on legs and occasionally at other parts of my body. i mostly think it’s herpes (even tho no pain when urinating and no sores) cuz this all started after unprotected sex, I’m paranoid, and no doctor has given me a better explanation... other than saying it’s not herpes and it’s in my mind. Tested negative by blood test at 4 weeks, doctors don’t take herpes as a serious enough option to agree to retesting
  2. Node, 6 months later and no answer. Never had any sores, just pretty steady urethral irritation, groin sensitivity, and recurring strong leg/butt/lower back pain. It’s been awful. as per your testing... you sound pretty in the clear to me for hsv
  3. Sounds like we are in the same boat now... I’m at like month 5 now and there is still redness around the urethral opening that sometimes improve for a day or so, but has been pretty consistently there. Doesn’t really hurt to pee, but there is sometimes a little burning afterwards. I’ve seen like 7 doctors, including a dermatologist and urologist, and none of them think it’s herpes and don’t take me seriously when I suggest it... which is why they don’t even want to retest for it. I’ve never had any blisters, and maybe this isn’t herpes, but I just don’t know where else to turn. This has been bugging me for 5 months, there’s a girl a like but I’m too afraid tone sexually active with her in fear that I might give her whatever I have. Fungal creams seem to somewhat help, but never totally cure the issue. I really don’t think it is eczema like my dermatologist suggested. I do have an eczema like rash, however, on the back side of my elbow that has been there for a few months and won’t seem to go... but they look totally different. Any help or guidance would be so appreciated!
  4. Yo man, I feel what you’re going through... and no hard feelings, but you should probably make a new thread rather than hijacking this one... Im stressin out too man which is why I started this thread, but really ended up getting no feedback towards my originally post
  5. I understand what you’re going through, I am similar to you in the sense that I keep thinking doctors and tests are wrong. I got tested at 4 weeks (negative) and it has been a nightmare to get a doctor to retest now at 12 weeks... but I’m going to be very persistent at my appointment this week. My advice to, which I hope to stick to as well after I retest this last time, is that if those bumps really aren’t affecting your day to day life i would drop it and accept what the doctors are saying. Especially since testing after 16 weeks is over 90% accurate.
  6. Hey guys, things still aren’t better for me. I was prescribed lotrisone (basically loteimin with some steroid cream as well) and prescribed doxycycline... neither of them helped the situation. As it stands I have cobstant irritation at the urethral opening, sometimes it flares up and is worse (don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I’m uncircumcised). It doesn’t hurt to urinate, but there is discomfort after. The leg aches and nerve issues continue. I’m setting up another doctor appointment, however it just feels like no doctor has helped or really given any good insight. Anyone have any ideas or help? I’m really going to try and push for a herpes retest
  7. Update, so I stopped using the clotrimazole after almost 2 weeks and after a day it seems to be more itchy and now there is redness and little red bumps around the urethral opening. Does this sound like a recurring yeast infection? Or maybe finally herpes? There is no pain with urination
  8. Did you ever figure out what it was? Or how to treat it?
  9. Just wanted to share my symptoms and see if they are consistent with anyone else’s HSV symptoms So about 9 weeks ago I had unprotected vaginal sex and briefly received oral sex. The next day I noticed redness and irritation at my urethral opening. Followed by moderate itching and discomfort in the entire groin area. This discomfort was bothersome for about 4 weeks and lotion nor ibuprofen helped, yet there was never any real rash (however I noticed the urethral opening was somewhat swollen and the penile head skin was periodically red and looked dry). During which time I tested negative twice for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and common bacteria that cause UTI. This doctor did not recommend testing for hsv without sores. At around 5 weeks I saw a new doctor that performed a prostate exam, since there was discomfort while sitting and exercising and sensitivity in the perineum area, which was also found to be negative . He decided to do an igg blood test to see if it was in fact herpes. The results were negative with <.01 for type 1 and .09 for type 2. He did not seem concerned that this was too early to test (even though I’ve read that you can get false negatives until about 3 months). A few days after his exam I got what appeared to be the flu (sore throat with bumps at the back of tongue, back ache, fatigue, no fever). This lasted for about a week, yet the sore throat and bumps at the back of tongue continues today. The on and off genital itching and discomfort continued for a few more weeks, so I decided to see another doctor. This doctor was more experienced and concluded that it was a yeast infection that was causing the discomfort and I likely got a common flu/cold a few weeks ago (especially since my roommates had gotten sick and I am a university student). She also had a pretty strong opinion about not testing for herpes without sores and recommended against retesting. I have since been applying clotrimazole for about a week and a half. It seems to have helped a little with the itching and discomfort, but not completely. In addition, a new symptom has surfaced which has led me to believe more and more that this is herpes. I have numbness/tingling like feeling around my left lower leg/ankle (maybe a new side effect of my ankle surgery 4 months ago?) and there is a shooting pain in the back of my leg when I lift either leg as if to kick. I feel like except for not having sores, these symptoms are consistent with hsv. The only visible skin irritation I’ve been able to find has been redness around my anus, which I noticed about 6 weeks ago after a detailed inspection. This redness hasn’t had any itch or pain and I haven’t seen any fissures or blisters (I have had hemorrhoids in the past, and think it could be this again). I am pretty paranoid about this and have had a hard time letting it go. I’m even worried I’ve been so obsessed that I have herpes I have made symptoms worse!
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