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  1. Hi benxgtx, I hope your symptoms stop as well. It is not fun having constant symptoms. It alters your everyday life. I might add, having to be dependent on the nerve medication for life is another reason I opted not to take it as well, and is the reason I have started looking into natural medicine (homeopathic). I do know Frankencense and Mrryh are good for healing. I am looking into that next. I will post anything I come across as a remedy. Don't give up, I have faith this is not a life long symptom. Something has to work. It's just about finding or figuring out the right combo. Dr.'s don't know everything. Best Regards...
  2. Hi All, I am new to this forum but I found out I had herpes in 2013. I started taking Acyclovir as suppressive therapy. For two years I had no flare -ups or any complications. Since about 2017 I have had constant Prodrome symptoms but no flare-ups or minor flare-ups. I initially thought the symptoms were because my Dr. changed my medication from Acyclovir to Valtrex. Thought maybe I was having a reaction to the medication, so I had her switch me back to Acyclovir but the symptoms persisted. I should mention that I have Sacral Herpes, meaning I get flare-ups on my butt cheeks. I have not had a flare-up in my vagina or vaginal area, only my butt cheeks. The symptoms are tingling, burning, feelings of needle pricks and bubble pops on my skin. The symptoms radiate from my lower back to my butt cheeks, crack and even my thighs. The symptoms range from mild to extremely aggravating to the point it interrupts my day. Symptoms see to get worse around my period as my hormones change. I've gone to Dr. and she was totally clueless as to what was going on, why it was happening. She said it may be nerve damage and prescribed me nerve medication. I opted not to take it because the side effects out weighed the benefits of the medication. Also, I am looking into more homeopathic/natural remedies. Besides the Acyclovir, I am only taking vitamins (Vitamin C, multi-vitamin, vitamin D, Lysine & B12). I thought it might be the medication (Acyclovir) so I stopped taking it for a couple months to see if the symptoms might stop but they didn't, actually I had a really bad flare-up. So I've been on the medication since. I have recently started taking Lysine and B12, but I've read it can take about a month to get into your system. I am beyond frustrated and very afraid these symptoms may never stop. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what happened what did you do to get rid of symptoms? I am open to any advice. Thank you!
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