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  1. I had a swab done about 20 years ago & found out I had type 1... never had another outbreak.... around October / November of this past year I had another outbreak . I thought it was hsv 1 showing up again. Had a blood test done & it now shows type 2. It has been devastating.
  2. I was with the guy I’m seeing last night . I thought I had a hemorrhoid starting , but this morning I’m not so sure ... it looks like there are white dots on the swollen area. He touched me in that area & now I’m freaking out that he will develop whitlow on his fingers ?? Any thoughts on this ?
  3. I’ve been reading a lot about Lysine & Arginine in regards to food triggers . I’ve also read about a high alkaline diet . There are a lot of foods that say they’re high in arginine ( so you should limit them) but are good for a high alkaline diet ( which is supposed to be good) . I have no idea what I should & shouldn’t be eating anymore??
  4. Thank you for the reply. The symptoms didn’t seem to last that long , but I’m still going to finish the antibiotics and hope for the best. This all really sucks !
  5. I’m on an antibiotic right now . I didn’t go to the doctor, she just called it in . The symptoms come and go . Do you think it means I’m having an outbreak ?? I haven’t had sex since my diagnosis .
  6. Am I more prone to UTIs now with hsv2? I’ve had 1 in my whole life and all of a sudden I have another one out of the blue?? Coincidence or related ??
  7. That’s so wonderful & I’m so happy for you . I’m hoping my guy decides to stick around... he has so far , but I’m still not 100 percent sure how he’s feeling about things ... and I’m not dealing well , so that’s not helping matters . I wish you the best !
  8. How do you deal with people talking / making fun of herpes and other STIs? It happened at work today & I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. I’m struggling enough as it is and to feel like I’m the only one and everyone else finds it funny and entertaining makes me feel so alone .
  9. Thank you for the input .. I guess I’m just looking at ways to cover more of the skin on the outside ...I haven’t felt comfortable having sex yet because of the risk . I’ve only had 1 mild outbreak so far, but paranoid about every itch or weird feeling .
  10. I’m just wondering if anyone has tried the female condom and if you think that’s a better option for preventing transmission because it covers more of the skin ?
  11. Although I don’t have any great advice for you , I can say that you’re not alone and everything you’re feeling in normal. I don’t have anyone I feel comfortable telling in my life either . I’ve found this community to be very supportive and have been in constant contact with a couple of members who have helped me through the tough moments. I know how it feels to have everything going great and then something like this makes you question if things will ever be normal or good again . I’ve been told it takes a lot of time and self care. Just keep reaching out to people on here , it’s really
  12. I’m scared of this also . I met someone right before I found out and it’s been devastating. He is everything I’ve been looking for and we did have the talk . He seems ok so far, but I’m not comfortable with sex yet . I keep trying to think of ways to fully protect him ... female condom ? Wearing underwear and a condom ?? These are the things going through my head , so I get the fear.
  13. Thank you for taking the time to reply. He is still texting me & acting “normal “, but I’m sure he hasn’t really processed everything yet. I’m just so sad that this is the only thing standing in my way of a potentially wonderful relationship.
  14. I had the talk tonight with the man I’ve been seeing for a little over a month . He looked more saddened than anything... he just held me . I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be able to handle this in the long run and I don’t blame him. I would feel absolutely guilty and awful if I gave it to him . I feel heartbroken already and he hasn’t told me yet that he doesn’t want to continue our relationship. I can’t imagine finding someone better suited for me & I have already developed such strong feelings for him . We would have had a great relationship if it wasn’t for this. I’m pretty su
  15. Thank you . Your encouragement means so much . I have had HSV 1 genitally for over 15 years , but stupidly was just diagnosed recently with HSV 2. I can’t find research anywhere that can tell me what this means for my body and transmission rates. The HSV 1 was never a big deal physically . I’m hoping that my body will react similarly to type 2. It doesn’t help that I met the man I’ve been looking for my whole life right before I found this out ... we haven’t had sex ... I haven’t had the courage to tell him yet ... I’m scared to lose him & I would’ve blame him if he walked away . I’
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