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  1. @beckham sorry to hear and thanks for replying. It’s been 4 months with the nerve sensations and it just seems to be getting worse.. I was prescribed amitripryline but I’m afraid it’s just going to mask the pain, so then how will I know if/when I am getting a profrome?! Ugh.
  2. @gorgeoustechiewhere did you get this info from? And did you personally experience nerve pain and found relief through this? Thanks!
  3. @ash128083 so glad you opened up to your doctors! You shouldn't be embarrassed, that's what they are there for. Next step is your husband . I stopped 500mg valacyclovir last week because I was curious if it the prodromal sensations were actually heightening on it. It seems to be less now, not gone but less. Also, I get almost immediate sensations if I eat anything with the slightest bit of sugar. It freaks me out...and makes me feel like the virus is fully alive and active. Anyone experience this? I told my Gyn all of this and she looked at me like I was nuts and said "maybe there's a new disease out there then". That's not funny... and if so... it should be researched more as so many people are suffering! Why isn't it retreating! I'm growing more and more depressed...it's been just a few months now, I can't imagine years. Debating if I should try Valacyclovir again but 1g as you are. Let us know how it goes.
  4. @ash128083 Thanks for your reply and I am sorry as well you are experiencing this. Do let me know what your doctors have to say about it. At first I was taking 500mg 2x per day, then down to 1 500 mg per day for transmission reduction/suppression, but just stopped again as I am wondering if it's making the prodromes worse. I searched some other topics on here and some experienced similar side effects. I'm stuck though, because of course just like you I would like to reduce transmission as much as possible..
  5. Hi all new to this forum and desperately looking for answers, advice, anything. I've been reading a lot on this forum and others, and on the internet about prodromal symptoms reoccurring and lingering with no outbreaks. Why is there no scientific explanation or treatment on this? Why do doctors continue to tell me it's not HSV related when there are so many shared experiences and no other explanation to the root of the symptoms. I am wondering if anyone out there has deeper insight into this, maybe with a medical background. And is this in fact prodromal, the virus activating/active, meaning I am more contagious? Apart from the physical and mental toll of constantly feeling these symptoms, I am of course most worried about being intimate again as to me prodromal-like symptoms = viral activity = contagious. How long is this going to go for... A little background - it's been constant 2 months now. I first contracted ghsv1 over 5 years ago with absolutely no OB's or prodromes since my primary. I was in a long term relationship. After we broke up I had been celibate for a year+ and then bam, first very brief intercourse I had with a new person 2 months ago these symptoms all came rushing in (pain in my groin, thighs, calf twitching, various vaginal/anal agitation, and nerve pain even in other parts of my body). Just my luck , I was just overcoming my breakup and building myself up and this was the LAST thing I needed... It has unfortunately really thrown me back into depression. On top of this, just a few days ago the new partner now says he's been feeling pain down there come and go periodically. I am wondering if the new sexual activity awoke the virus in me and transmitted it to him instantly -- is this even possible? I'll mention he does have ohsv1 (we are both negative for everything else). I hadn't told him I've been experiencing similar pain because I thought it would go away. Plus, I've been to 4 doctors (PCP, 2 Gyno's, and an Infectious Disease Dr) and all have ruled out the symptoms are due to H because of how long the symptoms have lasted and that I shouldn't be particularly more infectious. So I didn't think it was necessary to freak him out quite yet. But now I don't know what to do, or what is going on, what's up with him or why isn't it going away. I've tried all kinds of vitamins, herbs, ointments, healers -- you name it. Was put on valcyclovir but that didn't help on or off it, so I went back on it just to be safe for suppression if I ever get intimate again. The pain and unknown diagnosis (although in my opinion it has to be hsv activity) is tormenting. I just want to be able to feel healthy, happy and optimistic. After all these years, I am just so in shock what's now developing. Praying for miracles.
  6. @acd820 @beckham any updates with you all this? Currently experiencing nerve pain throughout and looking for answers/advice. Thanks!
  7. New to this forum, and me too :(. Was OB free since my primary ghsv1 many years ago and all of a sudden I have prodromal symptoms that are not going away. I think it was reactivated with sexual activity after being long celibate. Tested negative for everything else and no OB's but still, this is almost worse because there are no answers. Have tired everything. Just started Monolaurin and was already looking into getting red algae and acupuncture. I've seen my primary care Dr, 2 Gynecologists, and an Infectious Disease Doctor and all say the symptoms are not HSV related because it's lasting this long. Trying to say it's just in my head/stress and it will go away if i relax. I know prodromal nerve/leg pain, i'm not imagining it. I agree with @beBravebeBOLD, the shared experiences and related literature all ALL OVER the internet. And it's crazy at this point in time, there's no solutions to alleviating prodromal symptoms. Will follow this post. I'm devastated about this... Question -- do we think we are highly contagious at this time? Has anyone passed it on during? Since the Dr's say to me that it's not an HSV prodrome they think I can continue with intimacy but I am terrified I will absolutely pass it on. Devastated with no end to this in sight :(..
  8. Hi -- I am new to this forum as well. I'm here because of similar symptoms. I've been OB free for many years and then now suddenly have had prodrome symptoms for about 2 months now. I went on antivirals and tried every vitamin and herb out there and nothing seems to be helping. Been to different types of Doctors and no one has an answer, all say it's not a prodrome if it's this long. Please keep me updated if you have any revelations. I'm at a loss and especially afraid I'm contagious during this. Will post separately about this as well.
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