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  1. I know a lot of folks on this forum have been diagnosed as HSV positive, so please don't take offense from my fear. My wife and I took a 3 month break where we saw other people, and both decided to reconcile next weekend. That said, 4 nights ago I had protected sex with a woman I met at a bar. About 22 hours after the encounter, I started having some tingling on my pubic area running up to the right side of my penis. The sensations occur in an area the size of a silver dollar and have come and gone for the past 72 hours. There's no sign of any lesions or sores. The area around the space is also getting sore, I suspect from pressing on it so much. The last thing I've noticed is general fatigue. Probably not relevant, but I had a hernia repair surgery many years ago on the same size, and the nerve in that area is actually damaged. The only two things that seem to make sense to me are an HSV infection, trauma or anxiety exacerbating my sensations down there. I'm really concerned about how to have this conversation with my wife. My doctor said most frequently herpes presents on the penis (granted I was protected), prodrome usually only lasts for 24 hours, and it shouldn't present as quickly as it did. Basically he said, I'd be taking a 1 in 5 chance the woman was positive, a 1 in 1000 chance of getting infected, and having all sorts of symptoms presenting atypically. So he feels it's highly improbable to be HSV. That said, the forums are full of people having strange symptoms and tingling starting as soon as 24 hours after. I'm really just looking for two things: Support and encouragement w/ some feedback on whether anyone else has had a similar presentation that ended up being HSV. Advice on how to deal w/ my wife as we get back together. I don't want to sleep w/ her if I'm in the middle of a primary OB, but don't want to tell her I may have HSV if my PCP thinks I don't Sorry for being ridiculous.
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