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  1. kentucky85

    Need help from veterans

    When I first was diagnosed my face broke out terribly but I’ve read your face can break out from the stress on your body and after a while the breakouts got better. It was very painful but just acne
  2. kentucky85

    How do I urinate without dying?

    In the US, you can buy it over the counter!
  3. I had genital warts which are caused by hpv and I’m going back to my provider this week to confirm that I’ve had a recurrence
  4. kentucky85

    Diagnosed yesterday... I feel numb

    I found it easier to just be up front and honestly they were so much calmer than I was. If I was worried or had questions, we did research together. My health provider I have now is super also and that helps.
  5. kentucky85

    Diagnosed yesterday... I feel numb

    I live in an area that it is difficult to be open about it, so I understand wanting to keep it private. There are people that will accept you, I’ve had 2 long term partners. You may just have to look outside your area. Be brave.
  6. Hang in there...I’ve been hsv positive for 8 years, hpv for 5. It will get better and you are not a disgusting person. They shouldn’t act that way, unfortunately people are very cruel sometimes.
  7. kentucky85

    Diagnosed yesterday... I feel numb

    Please don’t give up, I know it’s rough, I’ve been living with it 8 years and then 5 years ago was diagnosed with hpv. It will get easier.
  8. When I was first diagnose with hsv, my chin did the same thing. I read that your face breaks out in certain areas due to stress in certain parts of your body. It gets better over time!
  9. kentucky85

    Can herpes (physically) cause anxiety?

    I always feel worse in my mood when I’m in an outbreak..almost like a period
  10. kentucky85

    H Buddies, unite!

    I’m a 33 y/o female hsv/hpv positive...just looking to give and receive support. Hsv for 8 years, hpv for 5..currently in a hpv recurrence.
  11. kentucky85

    Lost my shot at happiness

    I’m 33..8 years hsv and 5 years hpv. Currently in an hpv recurrence..struggling emotionally and in a deteriorating relationship due to differences in we like..