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  1. If a female has Genital herpes and in an outbreak, should she abstain from giving her male partner oral sex? Does it matter?
  2. The don’t know where is frustrating...just in case I would. Message me if you need any support.
  3. Has anyone had experience with stopping birth control and ob increase?
  4. Wouldn’t hurt anything to be tested for your own peace of mind It does stink she didn’t mention..maybe she’s telling the truth and it was just a weird fear she had coming out through alcohol.
  5. I have both hpv warts and hsv
  6. Has anyone ever noticed if valtrex makes their urine have a strong or unpleasant odor?? I’ve been trying to figure out this problem for a while and I am beginning to think it is the culprit?
  7. It was huge pimples on my chin that hurt like crazy...but as time went on they improved. I have genital hsv.
  8. When I first was diagnosed my face broke out terribly but I’ve read your face can break out from the stress on your body and after a while the breakouts got better. It was very painful but just acne
  9. In the US, you can buy it over the counter!
  10. I had genital warts which are caused by hpv and I’m going back to my provider this week to confirm that I’ve had a recurrence
  11. I found it easier to just be up front and honestly they were so much calmer than I was. If I was worried or had questions, we did research together. My health provider I have now is super also and that helps.
  12. I live in an area that it is difficult to be open about it, so I understand wanting to keep it private. There are people that will accept you, I’ve had 2 long term partners. You may just have to look outside your area. Be brave.
  13. Hang in there...I’ve been hsv positive for 8 years, hpv for 5. It will get better and you are not a disgusting person. They shouldn’t act that way, unfortunately people are very cruel sometimes.
  14. Please don’t give up, I know it’s rough, I’ve been living with it 8 years and then 5 years ago was diagnosed with hpv. It will get easier.
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