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  1. Thanks so much for your reply, that last bit made me laugh! 🙂
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to write a little update. So long story short, diagnosed Aug 18, devastated, dumped soon after by the awful man that lied to me and gave it me. Met a guy in Nov 18, dated him very casually, saw it as pointless because of having genital herpes but persevered. WORST SECONDITIONS OUTBREAK EVER in Dec that lasted nearly 3 weeks I was literally rock bottom it was awful. OK so the latest is, I carried on seeing this guy throughout all of the bad times. I told him in Jan about my condition. He was nice but quite worried, understandably so we took this super slow (no sex.) Then last Friday WE HAD SEX!!! Hooray! I feel normal again! I NEVER thought that I'd feel like this and it would have worked out with this guy. He is really sweet and a good person and I feel so lucky. So many times when I was really depressed and especially when I was having the 3 week long outbreak I nearly just called it all off with him but now I'm so glad I didn't. This H thing can take you to some really low places. However bad things get PLEASE keep going, things will get better I promise. Good luck everyone x
  3. Hi anonymous88, Your story is similar to mine. I was not so long out of an 11 year relationship and when I finally began to get put there I met the sleeze that gave me hsv2. He too told me he 'was up to date with all his sexual health checks' I naievely believed him. When I had first outbreak 4 months into 'relationship' he said "oh yeah I had herpes but it all cleared up and it's gone now. WHAT! I'be had to deal with all this by myself and have had a pretty horrible 6 months. I too am in the UK. I take acyclovir just if I feel I may get an o/b. I've met a new guy who is lovely and I've told but he's reluctant to be totally intimate so not sure where that's going to go. It's nice to see someone from the UK on here. I only have a male friend with H and other friends just don't understand! Just sometimes you want to rant or ask advice/opinion!
  4. Mooeuk


    I just wanted to come on here and share what I've been doing these past 3 months which seem to have so far stopped my outbreaks; •1000mg Lysine supplement every morning on an empty stomach. •daily vitamin c, d and b supplement. •Eat as much Lysine rich food as possible, chicken, yoghurt, cheese, potatoes etc. •AVOID nuts, oranges, gelatine, seeds, coconut flesh milk and oil. •Limit caffeine, wheat and grains. I'm not saying this will neccessarily work but if you are struggling with outbreaks this may be worth a try.
  5. Too much alcohol, chocolate and nuts (all the good stuff!)
  6. Mooeuk


    @GlitterGlimmer Funnily enough I have been taking a complete vitamin B supplement for a couple of months too (along with Lysine, vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc) I didn't even realise that could help, wonder of that has calmed it all down too then. Yes me too, every single day there was 'the feeling' and therefore a constant reminder. So glad that we don't have that every day now. If you find anything else helpful with this or breakouts let me know. Take care.
  7. Mooeuk


    Mine has all but gone, I started Amitryptyline on Dec 24th. It took a good two months to work but it really has. Don't get me wrong, I can feel a twinge every now and again but it's nowhere near the constant pain and worse the constant reminder I have Herpes it once was. I believe there are several antidepressant medications like this that they also use to treat nerve pain at low doses. I am on 10mg a night and have had no side effects from it. Hope that helps and really hope the nerve pain subsides for you soon. I know how horrible it is.
  8. Mooeuk


    Hi everyone, I'm trying really hard to not get any more outbreaks of this crap! I'm taking Lysine supplements and avoiding nuts, chocolate, seeds, coconut and wheat. I've upped Lysine rich foods like yoghurt, potatoes, cheese etc. Does anyone know of any other foods that have helped when increasing consumption or others to avoid? Thanks 🙂
  9. I was diagnosed 7 months ago and have had a really rough time in dealong with this. Met a lovely guy 3 months ago and we're texting and seeing each other occasionally. Things were going really well and progressing so I disclosed last month just before I went on holiday for 3 weeks (thought perfect time to do so.) Anyway he said he still wanted to see me so I saw him again just before I left. We then went out last night, first time I'd seen him since being back. Had a great night and ended up at mine. We were in bed and 'things happening' when he suddenly brought it up and asked if he would catch it and he didn't want to have sex. I was so upset. I totally understand his decision but I'm just so deflated by this. After what I thought had been a successful disclosure I feel worse than ever about my situation. I'm back to crying all the time and feeling like no one will ever want to be with me. I'm really struggling.
  10. I have just had this happen to me. Was diagnosed 7 months ago and been really struggling with it. Met a lovely guy in December and we really hit it off. I disclosed to him last month just before going away for 3 weeks and told him to the the time to think about it etc etc. We went out last night and everything was great, he stayed at mine and 'initiated stuff' when I grabbed a condom for him he said no he couldn't go through with it. I was devastated and feel so rejected and upset especially given the way it happened. I have friends with it who are dating but haven't been honest which I think is awful but this has left me thinking that I can undersrand why people don't disclose because this sucks.
  11. Yes!! I've had swollen lymph nodes since my diagnosis and have had a swollen one on my left thigh for a few weeks now but no outbreak. I think this is because my body is fighting an outbreak that hasn't materialised. I really would myself up about this and got worried sick because everything you read and are told by doctors is that this only happens during initial outbreak. I had an awful second outbreak before I knew about foods that can be triggers and low and behold I'd eaten a lot of nuts and chocolate and too much alcohol before it. I now take a Lysine supplement daily and eat Lysine rich foods (cheese, yoghurt, fish, chicken, potatoes) and limit others and NEVER eat chocolate or nuts and this seems to have worked for me.
  12. Mooeuk

    My Story

    Panda 91, I was diagnosed back in August, was dating a guy who also told me he was 'clean' now I'm not with him. I had an AWFUL second outbreak that lasted over 2 weeks just after Christmas. I'm so depressed about it all. I'm kind of seeing a new guy who us lovely and I've told him and he''s fine about it but we've not had sex yet. I just don't really see the point in pursuing it though. I feel like an absolute gross mess. I'm so annoyed that this has had such an huge negative impact on my life.
  13. Yes finish the course even if you do now feel OK. I had weeks of this, so i know exactly how you feel. I went to specialists the lot but it eventually just stopped so don't get disheartened. I bought some urine dip sticks off Amazon as my symptoms didn't always mean I had an actual infection and I was sick of going to doctors! That might be worth considering then at least you don't have to take antibiotics unnecessarily. I also took d-mannose which seed to help (I don't know if it acted like a placebo or actually worked!) Let me know how you're getting on 🙂
  14. I never thought of them as outbreaks as I didn't have any spots so I think it is just an initial reaction from your body to the virus. I'm hoping min has gone away now but it won't he until I have sex again (no plans for that for a while!) that I'll really know I guess. I did find that a 'bladder friendly' diet helped and funnily enough a lot of what I was eating is recommended for Herpes too. I cut out sugar and ate whole foods. I ate a lot of potatoes, cheese and yoghurt and didn't drink alcohol hardly and cut out caffeine. I'm sure these symptoms will pass just as mine did.
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