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  1. I've had ghsv2 for almost 6 years and my husband has never got it on his face. It's very unlikely. Hope everything turned out ok
  2. I've seen this posted a lot and I have to say I am sort of relieved to see I am not alone. I have had herpes for 5 (almost 6 years in March) The first year was brutal but it died down and I got really mild outbreaks, a rare sore twice a year in the same spot, that wouldn't even open up and would be gone within a week. In October I got a sore that would not go away, it took about 4 weeks and since than I have had back to back outbreaks. The one I currently have now is in a brand new, never had it there before spot and is bleeding, and extremely painful. I know keeping stress levels down is important but this non-stop outbreaking has made my anxiety peek to a whole new level. I just recently got diagnosed with rosacea, but for about 2 weeks I was convinced I somehow transferred HVS2 to my face!!!!! Now I'm freaking out about transferring to other parts of my body (like my hands) or worst my child. I have been on valtrex, 1000mg daily since I was diagnosed, I just started taking L-lysine again because I am at my wits end. I don't drink, I've lost over 100lbs in the last two years, eat healthy, exercise and cannot seem to fight this off. I have a very stressful job but even last year when my life was really stressful it didn't even pop up once. I'm at my wits in ends guys, Is this normal for this virus to ramp up from time to time... Will it ever stop?
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