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  1. My advice personally, that everyone differs on is when to tell him/her. I didn't tell my boyfriend until he really knew me. I believe if you only give them that information without them knowing anything about you, that's all they see and run. Our gift is a little bit of baggage, yes but on a first date you dont tell them about your crazy dysfunctional sided family or your family history of cancer. Just anything baggage like. I think my disclosure went well because he knew me and he saw me. He just accepted my baggage as bad with everything else that was good. I know dating for awhile before telling is hard because of "wasted time" but who's to say that guy even deserves your vulnerability. You dont know how worthy he is to truly get to know you unless you also get to know him. Just my advice, everyone is different
  2. I finally told my boyfriend my little secret. I was terrified. Heart pumping, facts ready, on the verge of crying. We had just watched an episode of dexter so I thought to myself, well it could be worse, I could be a serial killer right? I sent him a text earlier in the night that we needed to talk about something so he would keep asking me about it. Although I pushed it off, I couldn't avoid it. I sat him down and told him about my surprise blood test and what it meant. I told him how much I cared about him and wanted to protect him. I told him he had to not only get tested but also decide if being with me is right for him. He kind of chuckled, which I was offended at first because I was in tears but his response was nothing what I expected. He said "do you think thats going to stop me from being with you?" He told me that I was the most amazing person he's ever met and I made him a better person. While I couldn't stop crying from happiness and relief, he even cracked a joke saying "it was just another bump in the road on the way to the rest of our lives" which I thought was both clever and funny. Really helped me stop being in my head and made me realize how small this issue truly was. He asked a bunch of questions and just held me until I was okay. And guess what? He even had sex with me that night. He did not care. He saw me for me not this disease which I felt nobody would ever see again. He makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world and I am seriously on cloud 9 that a beautiful man, inside and out, can treat me with such respect and love even with this little skin condition. Trust me ladies, he is the most handsome man I've ever dated. And sweetest. He texted me this morning telling me that he doesn't know how I do it because he cares even more deeply about me now than before I disclosed. I feel so connected and close with him, something I probably wouldn't have ever experienced without herpes. Who would have guessed herpes gave me something truly positive besides my STD test. haha! I hope this helps anyone feeling down and unloveable because that is just not true. You are worthy of anything you desire; success, happiness, and yes even LOVE.
  3. nobody555

    Diagnosed yesterday... I feel numb

    I know exactly how you feel. I was diagnosed over a year ago and I was right where you were. I was also 23 but I had constant outbreaks. I dont think I went more than 3 days without a OB. I had to go on a super high dose of medication. Ive learned to live with this disease and I even found the love of my life! I actually just disclosed to him last night and it went better than I expected. It is possible to be happy again I promise you that. I read all these posts when I was first diagnosed and did not believe I would ever be accepted or even loved ever again, but thats just not true. You have done nothing wrong and you are worthy of any life you desire. Here if you need to message me personally (: Please remember you are not alone.