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  1. I have never been pregnant but my mom has HSV2 and had two vaginal deliveries! We were both perfect and did not get affected at all. I contracted this later on in my life for the record. Just make sure to have your doctor monitor you! You will have the most perfect little girl! From the research I've seen about giving birth if the doctor sees anything abnormal they will give you the option to have C-section but the chances of your baby getting anything is less than 1%. Congrats!
  2. @DoHope35 I hope it all works out. Praying for you. Here if you need anything!
  3. @DoHope35 I think you need to remember that you are amazing as well. You have so much to offer and if has been waiting patiently getting to know you, then just know he sees something amazing in you too. I truly hope he can see past this virus to the person you are. I have been protecting my boyfriend for the last 2 years. I know its scary disclosing but you CAN protect them as best as possible. Make sure that he is worthy enough to know your most inner secrets. He must be worthy of you as much as the other way around. Dont forget who you are! This virus does not define us.
  4. @Jenn88You can go to page to find the whole disclosure story if you want. but I just told him about my test results and the facts of the virus like transmission rates etc. Told him I wanted to protect him and he needed to decide what's best for him even if that means I wont be in his life anymore. Then I let him ask all sort of questions. I was super worried as well. I thought that the guy I loved most would leave me and I accepted that maybe I would be heart broken but I knew it was the right thing to do. At the end of the day I cared more about protecting him than getting rejecte
  5. @DoHope35 It’s kinda crazy when people say if you know you know. Well I just knew that this was the man I was suppose to marry and be with forever. I loved him and to me 4 months in was the time frame where nothing else mattered besides protecting him. I cared more about him than myself so I treated him as I wish I was treated. Most of us didn’t have a choice but I made sure he did. I know that doesn’t answer exactly but I just felt in my heart I couldn’t go on without telling him.
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to give anyone a piece of hope if they are feeling down. I know that 2.5 years ago I was desperate for anything positive about this stupid virus. I constantly looked up cures and treatments thinking one day when I'm cured someone will love me again. Well I am here to tell you it that love exists with or without the cure. I disclosed to the man of my dreams 4 months into our relationship. (disclosure story on here if you want to read). Here we are almost 2 years into our relationship and I am ENGAGED. I have a huge rock on my finger from the most amazing man I have ever me
  7. Hey there, I know how you feel this was me a little over a year ago. I disclosed to my boyfriend around this time. The good news is, if he truly loves you it will not matter. My disclosure story was the best possible outcome. I told him all the facts I knew. I told him I wanted to protect him and I loved him. I then went on to say that he needs to decide if being with me is the best option for him. I said that I understand this is a huge decision and if he needs time I get it. It was hard to not be emotional. It was the scariest thing I have ever done. but he asked a few questions about h
  8. I think the sore inside your mouth are cankersores not herpes. They are very different. cankersores happen to anyone due to stress, mouth trauma, or too much acidity. It's possible that you are HSV2 positive with no symptoms. HSV2 does not usually take place in the mouth. Its usually only genital but I have heard of people having HSV2 orally its just super rare.
  9. Hi there, I agree with everything they said above. I got diagnosed at age 22 and had the exact feelings you do. I did confront the person who gave it to me and it was anything but comforting. He said he never had it and since he showed no symptoms ever, he basically said it wasn't him to gave it to me. Even though my blood test showed no signs and I had a full outbreak which meant new exposure. I had only been with him for months so it was pretty clear who gave it to me. Knowing and telling him truly did not change anything for me. I still had had HSV2 and nothing was going to change that
  10. Hey there, So I was totally on your boat for a good 6 months. I eventually had to call my doctor and it wasn't until she put me on 1 G or 1000 mG of valtrex that my OB stopped. The second I would stop taking it, my OB would start again. This lasted for about a year unfortunately. Its been over a year for me now and I hardly ever get an OB and I am not constantly on medication. I only take medication when I have an OB which has only been once since my year mark. It gets better I promise! Always here to chat if you need someone to talk to!
  11. It may seem that way, and I felt like that too at first but eventually I started realizing so many people around me had it. Roommates, family members, boyfriends. Most commonly it was cold sores but I was very surprised some had HSV2 too. Its so common its insane so dont feel alone! Most people just dont talk about it because of our society.
  12. I have told 2 people; one being my mom and I found out SHE HAD IT TOO! it was nice being able to go through the hurt with someone else who knows how you feel. I had talked about it a lot with friends, not necessarily saying I had it but just some facts that I learned and how common it was, and friends have disclosed to me that they have it. Its very common and I feel unless you talk about it, the more in the dark you feel which is so not true! 🙂
  13. I had pretty severe symptoms for the first year. OB every week constantly and the tingling 24/7. I got put on valtrex 1000 mg which helped me a lot. Once a FULL year has hit you will notice your symptoms calm down. I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I am here if you need to talk. I promise life gets better and soon you wont even notice it.
  14. You are not alone and that is just not true. I know it feels that way but you did nothing to deserve this and someone will love you! I am here to talk. Check out any of my stories if you want some inspiration. I promise everything will be okay.
  15. I feel like theres nothing you can do to go back, but if you really care about him you should tell him because you did put him at risk. Some people don't ever have symptoms so if for some reason you guys broke up he could keep passing it along. Its the right thing to do and you know that but that doesn't mean it's not hard. I'm here for you!
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