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  1. Hello all, First time poster, but have been reading this forum for months and find it super helpful and supportive. I am looking for experiences/product suggestions relative to external care of GHSV. I remember reading another thread that emphasized the importance of taking good care of the area but I am looking for more details and would appreciate brand specific suggestions. I would like to know what kind of soaps are safe to use and also wondering if there’s a moisturizer that is safe for external areas. I am a female diagnosed with Type 1 last August after a terrible initial outbreak and have had minor outbreaks for the last few months. They seem to be getting better in that they are less in number and intensity, yet still I feel like I am constantly dealing with some symptoms. Which I’m sure you all know starts to mess with your head a bit! The location of my outbreaks is mostly on the mons pubis so I *think* it is safe to apply stuff to this area as it is external. I also suffer from eczema at other locations on my skin (exacerbated in winter) and overall dry skin, so I’m kind of wondering if there’s a bit of that going on down there too. Any insight would be much appreciated.
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