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  1. a naturopath is trained in natural medicine so they might be familiar with interactions/combinations/accessing any underlying health issues such as sub clinical thyroid/adrenals etc. focus on detox. there are many differing schools of thought and ways in which they work researching and finding someone who works well for you is key. a good one would also understand say drug and herbal med interactions so if you did alongside meds it could be worthwhile. there are also good facebook support groups for HSV. you might be experiencing AV failure. some say they are worse on than off....a thought to consider. might be worth trying to get the spectrum of info out there and seeing how you go. its always a journey once you need to look at other options outside medical or alongside. adaptogens might be worth looking at. a lot of supps are still drug like so its worth keeping that in mind a good practitioner should rebuild your health with these but they might not always be long term strategies. i do know that there newer drugs are around whether they will be avail in the future or hold ups in approval i do not know much about. hope this helps in your journey. i use the louis kahne detox bath ice pack method and find it helpful. you could google. i hope this gives you a balanced perspective.
  2. pls use a tissue carefully never mess with a suspected contagious skin condition. research the PRC test and next symptom get swabbed quickly. ive read pus means no hsv, ive read pus can be hsv. it can b confusing. 😞
  3. a naturopath could help i find monolaurine good....you'd need to check but i would guess this is safe with pregnancy. i also use coconut oil soap. other oils can build up in system over time.
  4. Most people is these situations do both natural medicine and conventional medicine. I would consider researching an effective sensible naturopathic doctor alongside your medical professional. Natural medicine is highly regarded amongst herpes suffers as it often helps bring relief alongside conventional treatment. A highly trained naturopath is more likely to be able to adjust treatments to your individualised situation than taking this or that and can or will work alongside your medical team. Finding one that is good is key.
  5. I agree get the WB. I think what is the worst about this is that maybe it is not all in your head...then what? WB fails and even worse you don't know what it is. I find it hard to see blisters and bleeding gums are psychosomatic. I know in your position I'd be even more terrified of the WB neg. I also know little about seroconversion and how that relates to WB. Have to say this site is far more respectful in general. The facebook groups while have a different purpose are far more professional than some forums. That its spread to your brain confuses me and other issues...these can happen and some have happened to me; however I had a diagnosis and was there when it happened. This however does not disregard it as a possibility. My heart also goes out to you blurneworder from life perspectives and so many other things we are worlds apart and my heart hurts cos I witnessed you and others suffer and it is hard to know what to advise. I hope this newer year brings resolution to these matters.
  6. it could be but there is greater risk of slippage.
  7. monolaurine is highly regarded.
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