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  1. Whymewhynow

    Herpes in the Black Community

    Thanks for the well wishes @PhoenixRising_009. I'd say the same that some days are better than others! Just trying to find my new norm.
  2. @gorgeoustechie what doctors have you seen and which do you find to be the most informed and helpful where hsv is concerned? Would you say the functional Med doc? I've been checking for the ones in my city. I just hate that they don't accept I insurance because their consultations are pretty damn expensive.
  3. Whymewhynow

    My Story

    I'm still so amazed by the lack of knowledge that doctors have on this. What the number of people impacted you would think that the research would be at the top of the list for them. Someone on another post on here suggested seeing a functional medicine doctor (that's also board certified). That may be something to consider.
  4. Is the acupuncture help the nerve pain maybe?
  5. Whymewhynow

    My Story

    I am so sorry to hear about the break up. I swear sometimes when it rains it pours! Try to stay positive and minimize your stress levels no matter how impossible it sounds. I tried lysine as well but I don't really know if that helped. I've decided to try and boost my immune system to see if that helps any, but it seems like a guessing game. Have you discussed the nonstop ob's with your doctor? What are they advising?
  6. Whymewhynow

    My Story

    Are you taking 500 mg or 1 g of valtrex daily?
  7. Whymewhynow

    My Story

    I'm so sorry to hear that it was so debilitating for you. Has you boyfriend tested as well?
  8. Whymewhynow

    Are herpes sores always painful?

    Not always. You should have it pcr swabbed if it's recent.
  9. Whymewhynow

    Paper cut

    Wait so he had these symptoms almost 2 years ago? Have them comeback since then at all? Why hasn't be been tested? You should push for that. For you, even though you have hsv1 it is still possible to contract hsv2 (if he has it, of course). Granted there are many couples that never transmit, but it is still important to know what if anything you guys are dealing with.
  10. Whymewhynow

    Paper cut

    First thing would be for him to get tested and typed if positive . If the sores are still very recent he should have them (pcr) scabbed ASAP. He can also blood test. If the swab is positive and the blood is negative that means that he may still be developing antibodies of the virus which also means it's a recent transmission. You mention that you have tested positive for cold sores which could be hsv1 or 2. Either way, it can also be transmitted through oral sex, so see it's not always that easy to pinpoint where it came from.
  11. Whymewhynow

    Paper cut

    There is no true way to pinpoint where it came from unless you take a test before and after being intimate with someone. It can also lie dormant for some time before activating in a typical format.Have you been tested?
  12. I'm going to have to look up functional medicine doctors in my area. I never truly realized until now how hard it is to find a doctor that specializes in STI's. I guess I never really needed to before
  13. Whymewhynow

    Should I get tested?

    If you have reason to think it's a possibility then get tested. In my opinion the worse thing you can do is not get tested and then find out down the line you do have because it can lie dormant without obvious symptoms for days, months or even years n some cases.
  14. Whymewhynow

    Heres my story 🤷🏽‍♀️

    I completely understand how you feel. We share some of the same emotions. I may have also had this when I had my daughter and had no idea. I will never understand why OB's do not test for HSV with pregnancy. Feel comfort in knowing that it was not passed to him. You have to try and find the silver lining where and when you can because this can very easily take you down a dark hole. Dont hate yourself. There are SO many people walking around with the same thing and have no idea and that is absolutely worse. That's how we got here. It's hard, I know. Hell I have yet to disclose to anyone at this point. I haven't been able to bring myself to say the words out loud. Thankfully I'm not dating anyone at the moment, but I am trying to prepare myself for when that time comes. Feel free to message me whenever you want to chat.
  15. Whymewhynow

    Heres my story 🤷🏽‍♀️

    You are absolutely not alone. I was recently diagnosed with both as well and I haven't been with anyone in a year, so I was completely at a lose and confused, with no idea who it came from. I try to find ways to push forward this everyday. Some days are better than others right now. In regards to the guy you were seeing, I can only imagine your disappointment. But it could also be a blessing in disguise. You don't need people who don't support you and have your back around.