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  1. No, they're actually the same virus, different strains.
  2. It really does sound like you need to go and see someone for a full evaluation. This thing shouldn't feel like a UTI at all unless your UTIs are a cakewalk. When I have a UTI, it hurts to sit down, hurts to touch my tummy (because of that burning pain in your abdomen) and it stings and burns to pee. Everyone is different but if you're getting that AND you feel a yeast / bv type of thing going on it's very possible that you have other issues going on that are making your HSV symptoms constant.
  3. Why not just use an app and get a prescription? you can get one quickly from drondemand.com
  4. Yes. Keep cortisol in check. That will screw you over big time. I've seen MAJOR changes since adopting an anti-inflammatory diet and practicing qigong.
  5. Most definitely. There are natural ways to balance your hormones like exercising regularly, drinking green tea and managing stress. I started doing qigong for this very reason and it's been god sent. It makes me feel so good. I had the most craziest symptoms from this virus - my face even started to swell because my viral load was so high. Back to back outbreaks after my period. The best advice I can give is -- adopt a clean diet (anti-inflammatory), take a probiotic, oregano oil, neem leaf powder AND anti-virals if you can. I was taking lysine but i dropped it because it started making me constipated. You want to get those viral loads as low as possible. This is what has been working for me. I was in serious trouble and thought i had something more but my body was so toxic and the virus made it worse. The best thing I did for myself was to adopt a high raw/plant-based diet with fish on occasion.
  6. Yep I experienced debilitating nerve pain - burning pain, couldn't sit down pain, shooting pain, skin rashes..etc.. The only thing that has worked is an anti-inflammatory diet. I eat fish, fruits, veggies, herbs - no red meat, no bread, no gluten, diary, soy, wheat, corn..etc. And I also get acupuncture once a week, have a functional medicine doctor and have done tons of research on this thing. The fact of the matter is your immune system is compromised. People with healthy immune systems don't catch herpes. At the time you caught this virus, your immunity was already compromised. Herpes only exacerbated an already toxic environment which is why some people have crazy symptoms and others don't. If you can't afford a doctor check out montreal health girl on youtube and amy myers md Focus on boosting your immune system. Look up lymphatic cleanse. That's what I'd focus on if I were you. Any functional medicine doctor will tell you the same thing. You want to get the inflammation down as fast as you can.
  7. Did she test for this bacterial infection or did she just throw an antibiotic at it?
  8. I just sent this to someone... Herpes itself does NOT cause nerve pain. Nerve pain is how your body is choosing to respond to the herpes virus in your system. It is a sign your body is inflamed... just like swelling, pain...etc It is an immune response. An anti-inflammatory diet and supplementing with l-lysine and lauricidin is the only way to remedy this.
  9. Yes, any virus/bacteria/yeast/pathogen can trigger autoimmunity and that is pretty much what this is. Google leaky gut syndrome. If you don't want to go through this yourself, find a functional medicine doctor that will help you.
  10. What are you eating? What is the current state of your immune system? If you are generally healthy, you can get away with taking lysine and lauricidin If you need hormonal support, consider taking Ashwagandha. Take it at night because it has a very calming effect. IF you have a weak immune system, the chances are you suffer from leaky gut syndrome. Remember your gut makes up 80% of your immune system so switching to an anti-inflammatory diet and taking the necessary stems to heal your gut would help you tremendously. You just have to decide which route you want to take.
  11. I don't have a juicer! I do have a nutribulletRX though. it's more like a high powered blender. I pour the smoothie into a strainer to make my juice LOL.
  12. But lyme can be cured with antibiotics. Why would you still have it?
  13. After watching fat, sick and nearly dead on amazon prime, i got the bright idea to juice fast. Not because I wanted to lose weight though. After the documentary, I did tons of research on fasting and the benefits. I realized I could alter how this herpes situation expresses itself. In other words, reduce the crazy ass symptoms I get with my outbreak (food sensitivities, chronic sinusitis, neurological pain, pins and needles sensation on my skin random itching..etc) My doctor told me my symptoms were because my immune system is playing catch up and needs a break to heal. She didn't recommend the juice fast. I took it upon myself to initiate this. I was already on an anti-inflammatory diet so the transition for me to a juice only diet was a breeze. Four days in (started my juice fast on sunday), my nerve pain has eased up A LOT. Last night was the first night I slept with NO pain at all. However, i don't know if it's from the anti-inflammatory effects of juicing veggies and very little fruit or if it's started the healing process already. With the exception of the first two days, I've also noticed an incredible energy boost. This morning I woke up with an insane amount of energy. Even if this doesn't help to ease my H symptoms, i'm sticking it out just to see what this does. Again I know there isn't a cure for H. I'm simply trying to rejuvenate my immune system so my H outbreaks isn't that bad. I'm also convinced i have something else going on besides H. Not an std but a minor digestive issue and hope this will restore balance. A friend of mine said she was able to reduce her symptoms by following an AIP diet. Yes, juice fasting is very time consuming and a little extreme but i'm actually enjoying reading up on different veggies and herbs and taking care of myself. I feel super empowered! If you've done this before (a juice fast not just drinking homemade juice every now and then ), i'd love to hear about your experience.
  14. A functional medicine doc doesn't operate like a conventional doctor. Conventional doctors/hospitals are ruled by the insurance companies - so the insurance companies pretty much dictate your health care. Conventional medicine doctors also don't test for things functional medicine doctors routinely test for like gut bacteria, infections like sibo..etc that could be making your OBs worse. Functional medicine doctors partner with you to find the root cause of disease. Your treatment is customized to your with an FMD unlike the one size fits all approach that conventional medicine doctors take. If you're in nc, I would recommend dr palermo https://thrivecarolinas.com/dr-np/nancy-palermo . She knows her shit. It all comes down to taking your personal health history, performing labs to see what else could be going on that could be making your OBs so bad and then she gives you a customized treatment plan with diet and lifestyle suggestions. if any infection is found besides the H, she'll prescribe you treatment. It's pretty much a whole health approach. Please read up on functional medicine or watch the youtube videos for more information. I'm not a doctor but I did take an integrative nutrition course years ago and that's how I knew about functional medicine. And yes, it's expensive but it saves lives. If you can't afford a functional medicine doctor, the best thing you could do for yourself is to either fast for a week or two at a time or adopt an anti-inflammatory diet along with intermittent fasting so you can give you body a chance to heal. There are options but you have to get in the driver's seat and do your own research to see what will work for you.
  15. Every doctor have their own protocol I guess. None of the doctors here have suggested such a thing. I'm actually curious to see their websites. Anyways, have you considered cleansing/juice fasting to see if it'll reduce your symptoms?
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