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  1. HI Iamme15 i felt every word you wrote in your post. crying as I type these words, running out of will and wanting to keep it all in because saying it would just cause pain to others. Just know that wherever you are I am feeling the exact same way, and if it helps you, you are not alone. I am going through the exact same struggle and in so much pain that only someone going through this could understand.
  2. Thanks for your reply. It seems, I have both Ghsv1 and Oral HSV1. Do you know of any additional info I can use to get some idea on how frequent outbreaks are? SO far, I have had only a single/first GHSV1 outbreak which was nearly 2 years ago and recently a few days ago I got a cold sore for the first time in my life. It must of been inside my body for a long time and just now it gave me sore in my lips/mouth area. I want to talk to individuals who has both HSV1, and Id like to know how often they get outbreaks in either places.
  3. Hi all Can anyone shed some light. Is it true that you can get infected with the same virus (HSV1, in my case) in separate locations, separate times? thanks
  4. 1st and foremost, you need to get a swab test asap! I strongly recommend this now because if you get tested by blood, you may get a negative result since you body is still building antibodies from this recent infection. lets say that your boyfriend has HSV1 which is definitely most common on the lips, well you may have contracted the virus on your genitals and in your mouth. Since the virus is new to your body, it attacked both places. I want you to stay relaxed. HSV1 is less aggressive in the genitals, I contracted it 1 yr ago and so far I only had my first outbreak. Thank god.
  5. Hi Songbird, I am following this thread because I, myself have the exact same issue. I shave down there and OMG the moment the hair starts growing back, I can feel the extreme sensitivity. I've had a single one outbreak in March 2018 (my initial), GHSV1. I am hoping it goes away over time but at this rate it will probably take many many years because I am about to reach my 1yr anniversary since my OB and I my skin is extremely sensitive.
  6. This will make you much stronger. We all hate rejection, not just in our community but in everything we do in life. Right now, I don’t blame him but unfortunately he is entitled to seek a person that doesn’t any stds and that’s okay. I asure you he is thankful to know that you cared enough to disclose. It’s his choice and Nothing wrong with that. You should move on to someone else. It is easier to change your self than change someone else.
  7. The guy I was dating was a regular person, I met him before I contracted the virus. It literally turns out that he has always had the virus since he was little. A pure coincidence that can easily happen to anyone. As I stated hsv1 is extremly common and look my advice may not be accepted by many but here it goes: this only goes for HSV1 carriers like yourself afraid of the stigma (which we all are, I admit) tell her from the beginning you have HSV1 and it commonly causes fever sores/cold sores. Tell her that you are disclosing it because it can be transferred to her mouth or her genitals. Be clear about that and tell her to google it if necessary or take a test to see if she has the antibodies etc. You do not need to disclose the location if you don’t want to. Use protection and once you find your permanent partner make sure she understands the risk of having sex without condoms which by then it will either transfer to her mouth or genitals if she DOES NOT have the virus. if she HAS the virus and you really like her, go after her! And I don’t mean be a stalker, please don’t! But I mean, give her time for this info to sink in, let her be, give her space and do your own thing. Tell her to text you or call you when she is ready to talk and chat and if she is not and she leaves, you go into the dating pool and use protection and you will see how the pieces of your puzzle will fit together! There are many many gorgeous women that don’t care about hsv1. Also, Don’t approach this “girls” friends please, keep your relationship separate and private.
  8. Hi Robdarko I encountered a similar situation except the guy to gave me GHSV1 literally didn't care and took off. So I am currently dating a person whom I disclosed I had the HSV1 virus and told him that he can get it genitally or in his mouth. He said no problem, didn't care about it much so After 7 months of sex, no protection and no suppressive therapy and no outbreaks (aside from the first one) Out of nowhere I got extremely paranoid and depressed and turns out I cried and cried and confessed to him why I was so sad and he was extremely supportive as I was scared that I would give it to him. Turns out this guy I've been dating also has the HSV1 virus (obviously in his mouth) but he has the antibodies and I felt such a relief WOW. My point is that to be completely honest, HSV1 is super freaking common and most likely half the girls you meet already have it and if they don't have it and they don't want you, then move on, I am sure beautiful girls have the antibodies and thats it! Best of luck
  9. Yes you are right. Their business now. I know because he was the only man I had intimacy with in the past 3 years. it just sucks the whole act was about 5 min. For sure he gave it to me, the outbreak was about a week after my encounter with him and he mentioned he may have contracted it from a blowjob but i never knew more because he literally never touched the subject or spoke to me, never even care about nothing. it was definitely Genital to genital, male giving it to female.
  10. I also got Genital Hsv1 from genital to genital. (We only had intercourse, no oral) the transmission was from Male to female (me)and he had No visible outbreaks and it was ONE TIME intimacy, it lasted 5 min MAX and now I have to carry this for the rest of my life. I hate my life 🙁
  11. So here it goes: the guy guy who gave it to me has been extremly irresponsable, never cared about the hell I went through and still going through after he gave me GHSV1. He literally got scared and didn’t speak to me to even confront me. I reached out to him multiple times and he never responded and never wanted to touch the subject. Well I have this guy as a fb friend, and he is getting married to this super nice girl that most likely doesn’t know that he has ghsv1. Should I send her a message and warn her about his std so that she doesn’t go through what’s i went through? I have absolutely no emotional ties with the guy, but I feel bad because he is a liar and irresponsable man that never took accountability for his actions. What do I guys think? Should I disclose to her his hsv1 or should I stay quiet. They are getting married in 6 weeks.
  12. I want to start continue my laser treatment that I was doing before I contracted ghsv1 and I can go on suppressive therapy few days before the laser treatment but I am afraid that once I get off the suppressive therapy I can awaken an outbreak what are your thoughts?? (So far I’ve only had a single first and only outbreak about 8months ago)
  13. Do you have type 1 or 2? How long have you had it?
  14. hello EVERYONE I found some pics from my outbreak 8months ago. I was diagnosed by a doctor overseas during a bcakpcking trip and the doc just looked at me and said it was herpes, later i came back home to the states got tested via blood (re-tested twice in 6 month lapse) and it was HSV1, negative for hsv2 luckily but id like to hear your thoughts because i never developed oozing blisters and this entire outbreak lasted about 6 full days, mild mild outbreak compare to most websites that state outbreaks can last up to 2 weeks. I did get medication on the third day so do you guys think this was the reason the outbreak was so short?
  15. Hi Ive been with my boyfriend for 1 yr (not my giver) and we don’t use condoms what so ever. I am a F27yr GHSV1 positive, Ive had only one outbreak (the first) and besides the medication I took for the first outbreak I never again took antivirals. My boyfriend has been checked and has not contracted the virus from me. We have intimacy often times and never use a condom. (He knows the risks)
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