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  1. Nothing worse than an asshole that suffers from a superiority complex who's also in denial. Its great you got away from that. He also sounds like a sex predator. not just with young girls but with knowingly giving the skin condition because he "thinks someone deserves it". good for you on getting away from that
  2. I hope you get to feeling better soon. it sucks to be hurting and scared about what's going on down there sendin good vibes your way
  3. I don't have the answers for gave it to you and since both are aware they have it and should exercise precation when with someone i would try to not focus to much of your energy on. who the giver was. I have genital hsv and can assure you it does get better physically. My first outbreak while ibremember it lasting way over a week and being the most painful, my other 3 have not been that bad. However if its really painful because hsv affects everyone differently you may want to go in and demand they prescribe you valtrex or generics to help.
  4. I have had mirena since 2011. I know I've seen some commercials about suing them and asked my gyno about it but he said that if i wasn't havimg problems with it not to worry. i know a few months of having it put in my monthlys went away. in the beginning though i don't know if it had to have time to adjust or what but sometimes ivcould feel the strings from it. the mirena is vaginally inserted and the strings aren't like soft. it felt like metal strings. However after a while it got to where i didn't feel a "poke on my vaginal wall from the two strinbs anymore. 2012 2013 and now I've still had
  5. Ill continue helpin anywway i can. i know 5 dollars every once in a while nothing. When i was alone and suicidal and to damn broke to really go see a pyschiatrist about the plans of suicde i was making this site and being close to people whi were going thru what i was going thru pulled me out of a very dark place. It was like a pocket psychiatry app on my phone lol. And i know $5 isn't much. We spend more on fast food a month than just $5. for me personally its worth investing what i can if we can help drs be more sympathetic to the emotional damages of a harmless yet overly joked on and ridi
  6. Love is the best support you can give them and you can show how much you love them with words as well as actions. Don't bring it up often. Most people if they want to talk about it they will. Just simply tell them you're there for them. they're still the same person you thought they were yesterday. I've also delt with depression as well and i know you will recall its nothing worse than a well meaning friend telling you who has absolutely no idea what you're going through saying they understan. Just by simply saying i may never understand what you're going rhrough or how hurt you may be right
  7. You're not alone. I am going through sonething similar. Thankfully dancer was here to support me the other night and you're at a good place for support. while there may be no magic words to take away the sting of rejection it helps to know you're not alone
  8. Ih yeah what dancer said. if its only been that short a time its way to soon to know.
  9. First congratulations on being hsv negative. its everything all if us wanted to hwar when we were worrying about it. I hope this little scare will make you much more precatious in your own health. as we as realizing that us peeps with hsv are down ro. earth pretty cool peeps to who happen to just have a skin condition. anyhow i wanted to put my 2 cents on here because although i don't remember my friend complaing about groin pain and she didn't have testicles to have that be in pain ahe did have a sudden onset of symptoms and back and neck pain and feeling like the flu and she had meningitis.
  10. I really should have went through my starred threads tthe other night. I forgot all the positive things from this that coould come up lol. i have been eating better and making sure i get more sleep. like lelani was saying. I've always had acne on my face but with me trying to take better xare of my body for herpes my skin has clearedup quite abit from what it used to be. I've also lost weight too so tgere are a lot of positive things from this we tend to overlook
  11. I wanted to bring this thread back up because i think its a great thread and lots if wisdom on it. Taking the high road isn't always the easiest but when we look back we are so proud to have accomplished the path we took. When I'm in a positive mood like now i see herpes as being a great lesson in being humble. And not being so judgmental. before herpes i was a very judgmental person with a "High horse" attitude at times. And if its not herpes then something needed to be done in my life to "get me off the high horse" lol.
  12. As I was giving some advice to a friend today I realized I could take my own advice. Good people fuck up sometimes. It doesn't erase all the good things we've done. It doesn't damage us. It builds us into better stronger more humble and gracious people. A lot of times we think the karma train is plowin through our lives to catch up to all our mistakes . I am a big believer of karma and what you put into the universe you get back. Some of my reletives even told us as kids if we did something truly bad or evil. it would be like a cloud hanging over our children and children's children. That s
  13. That was really cool to read i didn't realize it was a primal instinct to feel that way. thank you for sharing that with me i might have missed some stuff going on yall been talkin about. My lifes been great foe the most part. I longer even think about acting like a science lab rat around my kids. i guess now the only time I'm gonna think much about it is when a man's involved lol. its all good i shall stock up on ibuprofen hahaha and knock out those physical rejection pangs before they start lol
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