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  1. I know right ?? I also noticed uncommon things like Gelatin containing stuff triggers this crapp ...Gel capsules and Gummy bears is another...this shit is so fustrating.....whos down to make an extensive do not eat list with me ???? Any takers
  2. You can do a rapid swab strep test at most clinics which the cost is not that expensive..make sure you get to the bottom of it i heard strep turns into psoriasis in the body 😞
  3. How do you guys attack an outbreak ?? Pls dont say the Antiviral pills ..that crapp clearly doesnt work..only to clean out your pocket !! Anyone attacking outbreaks with Injections onto the site or topical cream or oitment ?
  4. Yea i heard that about stress,..but what about people who live stressful lives day to day ??
  5. What are the Top Hsv2 Triggers or not to do that may cause a Outbreak to happend ? Opinions ??
  6. How true is Viral shedding for Hsv2 on males or even females in spreading the viruz even if theres no outbreak or symptoms ? I have a hard time beleiving this due to seen some friends having Coldsores hsv1 and dont spread it to their partner ..all they do is not kiss or do oral when the outbreak starts to occur with red blemish and they have been fine...but what about hsv2 ..has anyone been sure not to spread by just making sure no visible signs are present and been safe ? All opinions matter..Thanks
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