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  1. Hello all I was diagnosed with GHSV1 with a swab in Dec 2018. I had a small red colour pigment on my penis shaft. Initially the doc said it is not herpes but I insisted to swab test and it came positive. It has been 6 months and the red pigment about 1 cm just keeping becoming pink and red shades but does not crust or forms a lesion. Sometimes it also has some white Curdy film all over my penis and I wash it with water and goes away. After few days the red spot becomes dry and the white material goes away but I never rget to my original skin on the red spot. It does not pain there is no water filled blister and nothing at all. I am not taking any antivirals since I was diagnosed. The dermatologist say it is just a scar from the virus and it might take time to go away or it will stay there forever. Has anyone male/female encountered anything like this before? I was under the impression that herpes sore comes and goes away but not in my case. I would appreciate any feedback or advice
  2. Hello All Thank you for all of your replies. I have been to support groups and have voiced my story there as well. I appreciate your views. I don't want to call her out in public but at the same time I have been through a lot of mental and physical pain. This has definitely affected my future for ltr and I feel betrayed abused and used up just because she got it from someone and felt like she will not be loved again. So she went back to normal dating and did not disclose because she wanted to have sex and infected me. I still tried to convince her that this is not right but apparently her friends thought this is the right thing to do and leave him. So the way it ended made me feel that I was just used as a puppet and the anxiety is way high. I can't do what she did and that means a long way to get a partner with more rejection being a guy it definitely sucks. And what bothered me more is that she was cold hearted, in-compassionate and ruthless. She said she will date other people and she was back there on the dating scene having fun as if nothing has happened. I honestly have a very hard time moving on as we live quite close. I just don't know how to tell her what damage she has done and I feel like she is having some mental issues that she does not understand the severity and stigma of this.
  3. Hello good peeps So it has been 5 months since out breakup. The girl I was with did not disclose she had recently got GHSV1 in sep 2018 and we met October 2018. She hide it from me for 3 months, was not on supressive therapy, did not insist to use protection and was not aware of the risks. She just wanted to find someone who she can love and have sex with. I liked her and the relationship was going strong. I met her family friends and we hanged out pretty much everyday and did lot of things together. When she told me in Dec I freaked out but after gathering information I decided to stay and support her and asked her to take meds and we use protection. Well that stressed her out and she dumped and ghosted me. Soon after a week I got symptoms and was positive for GHSV1. When I reached out to to her with multiple calls, emails and texts she finally talked but did not feel sorry and asked me to move on with life and let go. I had to go through mutiple doctor visits, medicines counseling alone. She did not care if I lived or die. She had the audacity to tell she will date other people and move on with her life and said not to contact her again ever. I just feel that she infected me for having sex after her diagnosis and I supported her when she opened up and when tables turned and I got infected she ran away with no responsibility or care because she thought sex will be difficult with this guy now. I feel abused, used up and thrown out after the job was done. I also told her this is not right and inhumane and cruel and she can be in legal trouble for this. She said do what you want but I am not gonna talk or respond anymore. After this I got into depression and my symptoms got worse. I just don't know how can a person who on e liked and was seeing a future with you be so cruel and in-compassionate? I want to know how should I deal with this and confront her or I should just move on? I need advice on how to cope to bring peace to myself as I cannot forgive myself that I was cheated and abused to left infected
  4. I got ghsv1 from genital to genital I was the rare case. The female had it genital and I got it as well. My symptoms are pretty mild. I have no pain or itchness. There is just a red spot on the head which has not cleared at all even after 4 months. I just stays there and just becomes red or mild red. Also sometimes I see white thin layer around the surrounding area and it smells a but fishy. Has anyone had any symptoms like this ? I thought ghsv1 will not reoccur but in my case it has stayed there for ever. I had a swab done (Dec 2018) on the red spot and it came back positive for hsv1. I did a swab and blood again in Feb 2019 both are negative. Do I really have ghsv1 or something else?
  5. To all the caring people out here It has been a psychologically and mentally draining 4 months. I had been a victim of non-disclosure where my 4 months ex girlfriend did not tell me about her recent genital HSV1 diagnosis before a month we met. She was in denial and ashamed and risked my health over multiple interactions and I got the gift that keeps spreading. After I got infected and I confronted her she ghosted me and said she does not want to see me anymore. Prior to the relationship she was all in love with me but I had no idea that she just wanted to have sex after she was diagnosed and did not cared for my health and I became the victim of her act. She did not even care to ask me about my outbreaks, took no responsibility as an adult who is 30+ and said figure your life for yourself. I had to call her and beg her so many times to just make her realize what she has done by infecting someone without consent but she failed to realize it and then later blocked me. Since last month it has been a great struggle to face it mentally. It sounds cliche but I get the feeling of being abused, betrayed and left with a incurable disease from a person whom I supported when she told me and I loved her. I am just in shock as to how can someone be so evil to infect someone with purpose and leave them to die. I have had multiple meltdowns here and there and have lost focus and keep thinking about this. I also fear that finding a future partner is a big issue as who will want to date a person who has GHSV1. I feel that I should just die somewhere that would be better than going through this. I feel that I am trapped in this cycle and not able to move ahead with a high chin. I am not a guy who sleeps around and I had a genuine intention of getting serious LTR wiht her, but in return i got herpes and betrayal and abuse. I feel so depressed, sick and mentally unstable that I cry often. Also that I am a mixed race guy it would be hard to find people who will accept me for myself and overlook herpes.... I need some support and advice as to how to get over this feeling and move on it has been 4 months already with multiple doctor visits
  6. Hey Sarah When she was initially diagnosed with hsv2 was it a swab test? As my was a swab test positive but the blood work is negative for hsv1. Recurring swab and blood work is negative after two months. Can it be hpv in males?
  7. Hello all good peeps I was swabed for a red shiny spot on my penus last Dec and it came back positive for ghsv1. My partner at that time did not tell me about her having ghsv1 and risked my health for 3 months. When I had symptom and asked her she said she has it and ghosted me and left me alone. I was devastated and had a huge depression. 2 months later the spot is still there it has not healed so I swabed it again and it came back negative for hsv1. The blood work for IgG also is negative. I have no pain,tingling or any discomfort and the red spot just reduces in intensity and sometimes has a white lining on it. My question is can the first swab culture in Dec be a false positive and I am miss diagnosed ? How can I be sure I have it or not as I know for sure my partner had it and we did engage in unprotected sex Does anyone have similar symptoms and is sure has herpes? Looking for advice if there is any other conclusive test?
  8. How have you decided to cope with it and move on? Did you ever consider legal action or confronting him?
  9. Thanks nik77 are you in North America because in few states even if you don't get the infection you can still sue someone for knowingly transmitting an STD.
  10. Hello All Good Souls I have posted my story before about how a girl I was dating for 4 months did not disclose about her GHSV1 status and we engaged in sex multiple times. The unfortunate part is the transmission rate of female to male is really low but I was the unlucky 1% guy that got it. Since I confronted her about the condition we did not engage in any activity and then after a week she broke up with me and left me with this condition. However, I was there for her and was gathering information about how to deal with this condition and still be a good couple. But she ghosted me and said she does not want to be with me and I should figure out myself how to deal with it and move on, She had no remorse that she did not disclose it to me and she did not feel bad about it. She said she will start dating again. So my question is how should I deal with this situation, I am terrified that if I date other people they would not want to be with me. I am a very health sensitive person and this diagnosis has had a big emotional and psychological impact on me. What bothers me is that she did not have any remorse that she did a wrong thing and wants to be selfish and just move on. How have people dealt with this situation before from your giver? Anyone thought if legal action? Really looking for support and advice here
  11. Hello All It has been tough in the past months since I got it from a girl I was dating for 3 months. We we're in love and talking about future and family etc. It was a strong connection. However she had been with lot of men than I did in her past and was involved in unprotected sex as well. She got it from a one night stand in September and she dated me in October with no knowledge about the disease. I got infected by that as it was her early outbreaks. I was never given an informed choice about my health. After her disclosure (after we got intimate couple of times) I was still supportive and stayed positive, but in 2 weeks after I got infected she brokeup and left me alone and ghosted me. When I needed support from her to go through the hsv1 I am so devastated that the girl I loved trusted so much did this and did not even had compassion to ask me about my health. My question is can I legally sue her for spreading herpes without telling me upfront in North america. I have few chats history and call records that back this up Looking for serious advice about how to navigate through this
  12. Hey Anna I get how you feel. I have been in the same situation and I still have a hard time to come to terms with it. In my situation it was my ex who apparently used to love me and she did not tell me upfront. But trust me it will just take time to heal and move on but as lot of people.on this forum are positive and you will find peace
  13. Hello everyone especially to veterans I have been diagnosed with GHSV1. I have a really minor red patch on my genital (male) which is not paining, irritating or is likea sorry. However a swab test confirmed it as GSV1. How often will I have severe outbreak after this? Also if my other partner is also having GHSV1 can we reinfect each other on a different body part? Looking for advice on this
  14. Thank you Alexis1991 and Worrier1234 it really made me feel a bit positive. Although I am still recovering from the diagnosis. I hope I can stay positive and hopefully that I will be loved again
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