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  1. https://herpesopportunity.com/downloads/herpes-opportunity-disclosure-handout.pdf
  2. I’ve read the statistics on genital hsv1 shedding and transmission rates. Wanted to hear from people with genital hsv1 that have been sexually active after their diagnosis. Have you been successful in not transmitting it to your partner? Do you use protection?
  3. Lol, think I like the taste more then it actually helps. I am curious about the magnesium.
  4. I’ve only had the one outbreak this past October. Only used anti virals during my initial outbreak. Only thing I’ve been taking sense then is a multi vitamin and emergency. Not sure if that has helped any being Genital HSV1 doesn’t reactivate often or non at all after the first outbreak according to some stats I’ve read.
  5. I’ve been reading through this thread and I really feel the positive vibes. I’m a African American male recently diagnosed with genital HSV1 from receiving oral sex. It’s been tough to say the least sense being diagnosed. I never did any research on HSV until I got it. Guess it’s one of those, ignorance is bliss things until you get it. I searched two different forms on HSV, started to think I was the on black person with it. Anyone in Florida?
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