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  1. So I took my first test 2 months ago, my ratio was 2.00 and they still didn’t know what type I had.... so they said wait 8 weeks and get retested so the antibodies have time to produce. Well I waited and I got tested again and now my ratio is 1.6 and still no antibodies. What are the odds that this is a false positive? Wouldn’t my ratio go up and wouldn’t I have antibodies by now? I’ve had 2 of my partners get checked and they are clean.... which only leaves my ex from November, and my new flame in janurary. So wouldn’t I have antibodies by now?
  2. Okay so my doctor told me I am herpes positive. But I came back equivocal for both hsv 1 / 2 they said this means the infection is so recent that they can’t detect which kind.... which none of this makes sense to me. I had a 2.00 and I have only been with 3 people my whole life. 1 was a long term relationship and 2 were hook ups after we broke up. I am making 1 guy get tested and see if he has it if he gave it to me and if not then I’m going to ask the last guy. Just doesn’t make sense, I have no symptoms , no sores or anything, and cane back negative for everything else. I was just wondering if I could possible not have it?
  3. How do you get a western blot test done if you don’t live in Washington?); I’m not convinced I have it either with only a 2.00
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