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  1. Thank you so much for your response, I really appreciate it. Its been a couple of weeks and im still hurting from this and I still havent heard from the guy i was seeing since i informed him. It took alot of strength for me to get out of bed today and go see my counselors today as well as get pampered afterwords. I am trying to deal with this the best way I can and stay strong for my baby boy who will be 14 months old on Sunday. He is my world. And I worry about him cause I might have had hsv2 while i was pregnant and didnt know it as i said before only God himself knows when i caught this and who I caught it from. I really wish i wouldve been more careful. I hate myself for this so much to to know that i couldve given this to someone else is killing me even more. 😢
  2. I have recently been diagnosed with both HSV 1 and 2 on 1/24 and I just informed the guy i was sleeping with before my diagnosis last night. Once I told him my status he was very shocked. He was like "HERPES?!" "Are you serious?!" and I told him I was so sorry and everything he comforted me when i cried and told me "with all due respect, I gotta go" he knew right then and there he needed to get tested. He didnt judge me or disrespect me or none of that he just simply said with all due respect he had to go. Fast forward to the next day, I noticed that he deleted me on snapchat and unfollowed me on instagram and when i seen that it broke my heart cause we had more than just a casual sex thing going on he was really my homie off the strength that ive known him and his family for years. I really cared for him. And I still do whether he know it or not. I havent heard a wors from him since I told him my status and now that he no longer follows me on twitter and instgram i feel like he ghosted me and it hurts. And now that I know my status I feel like things will never ever be the same for me again. I dont even know who I couldve gotten this from and i find out a year (13 and a half months) to be exact after I had my son. Im stuck on who I couldve contracted this bullshit from and when did i get exposed. I am a wreak and this is my cry for help.
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