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  1. I can't. It's not just that.. it's the fact that I don't want to hurt him... I have been so exhausted since catching this thing... I am fatigued everyday. Just what this does to me, I don't want to put it on someone else... Esp not someone I love.
  2. Well perfect... The man I have always wanted finally came into my life explaining to me how much he has liked me, and has always imagined being with me... It made me smile from ear to ear hearing the words coming out of his mouth of how great he thinks I am. Things I have always been wanting to hear. Then I remember what is going on in my life right now... How diseased I am, how gross I feel. How scared I am too tell him my secrets. I hate this. Why couldn't this have happened between us 10 years ago when we first met. I want him so bad. But I don't want to bring this on him.
  3. Hsv1 and 2 are different viruses. So if he has hsv1 he could get hsv2. And you can get hsv1.
  4. He can be asymptomatic and not showing any signs but could still pass on the virus through shedding.
  5. Yea starting new does sound like a great opportunity to start fresh... I'm just stuck trying to figure out how to make great. I just feel so lost. I use to be the life of the party.. so filled with energy. Now I just feel like a damn lump. I hate being so negative. I just can't wait to feel like I have my life back. I wish I could get into exercising but I hate it haha. Maybe once I start working again and making money I'll start feeling better, hopefully. Thank you for replying.
  6. It's most likely a recent exposure if it's not in your blood yet. But yes swabs are more accurate. When is the last time you had sex?
  7. I just want a best friend... A partner. I have wasted my life with men who were never considered a best friends or a partner and I hate it... And now, I have this stupid thing in my life.. I see so many friends with their best friends and I just want to trip them lol.. not literally. My sister just married the man if her dreams and he is the best partner for her. Happy but seriously jealous. They both have great jobs and s great house. I just became a single mom l, had to move to a new state, leave my nice career. I feel like I just lost everything and hit rock bottom. I'm seriously hating my life.
  8. Hopefully you didn't.. I feel the same though.. I get things that pop up on my mouth not like cold sores or anything but just like weirdness... I know for sure I have hsv1 gentially because all my issues mainly are down there.. or I have some other damn virus that doctors don't test for.
  9. You are awesome. I love reading your advice that you give to people... Very encouraging. It's nice to read.
  10. So if there discharge I have been experiencing is from herpes since all the doctors say it's normal even though I know my body and know it's not freaking normal... How can I get rid of it? Had anyone experienced this and then got it resolved from something. I'm trying not to get on valtrex it anything like that. Is there anything else that you've tried and it worked? I just want this to go away.
  11. Yes I've had a blood test. I haven't been able to get a sore to swab yet. I've had canker sores that I could have had swabbed but of course the doc would say oh this is def. Not herpes, canker sores are harmless... I haven't had the pleasure of disclosing to anyone yet. I'm kind of hating relationships right now. I moved away and had to leave my awesome great praying job so now I need to pick up my dang pieces and get my life back... Whatever that means.
  12. How have you kept him clean all this time?
  13. Well shit that worries me bc I am afraid that I have caught hsv2 but so far all of my tests have been negative but my last test was only at 9 weeks post exposure... So that means I could still have it.. this fucking sucks. The waiting fucking sucks.
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