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  1. Lonelygirl88

    Back on the scene

    I want live people too. I just moved to a different state and so I know no one..it sucks and I did find a live support group but it is like an hour and half away from me uggh of course it would be. For me though, I'm ready to be single for a while.. getting diagnosed with this has made me hate sex and no want it anymore .. being in a realtionship which yes I understand, it was just a shitty one , but being in it made things stressful,and depressed, and angry... I was more stressed then I was happy and that is sad. I mean if a man comes falling into my lap the great I'll take him but I'm definitely not going to be looking or anything. I have become unhappy with myself for years before h and now I am becoming even more unrecognizable to myself. I am going to try to make myself happy now... Do what ever the hell I want and not have to answer for nothing. Ya I'll miss sex sometimes but look where sex has gotten me.. sorry for my rant lol
  2. Lonelygirl88


    Yes I am definitely considering it. Looking into all of the details. Thank you
  3. Lonelygirl88

    Should I get tested?

    I'm sorry about your positive result. I hope your doing ok
  4. Lonelygirl88

    Driving myself mad

    Hey hun. It really sucks we are all feeling this way. My mom is starting to yell at me because of the dumps I've been in and she is sad seeing me like this. I want to feel better. I want to be happy again. I want to go back thinking this is all just symptoms of a uti.. I want to tell more friends so I can have more people to talk about it with but then I choke and talk about something else. It sucks too because I know my best friend has oral herpes but she denies it and just thinks she has fever blsters so I don't want her judging me or telling the other girls she hangs out with. I am thinking that I'm not wanting to date though. Which sucks because I love having someone by my side but I'm so unhappy with myself that I don't want to bring someone in to my unhappiness. I have so much to clean up in my life though that I need to focus on. My mom has been single for 6 years and she says yes Shee is lonelybu she also likes being free and being able to do whatever she wants and not have the drama. I just want friends damn it. Some good friends that I can rely on and have fun with.
  5. Lonelygirl88

    Dont know what I am going to do

    Seeing you write that makes me feel a lot better. I hope one day I can get back to a somewhat normal feeling life.
  6. Lonelygirl88

    Dont know what I am going to do

    And you didnt know you had it and your kid is fine... Uggh I should just stop freaking out so bad. This stupid thing just has me so scared, especially around my daughter. I just hate that my mistakes can be hers on accident some how. I hate this.
  7. Lonelygirl88

    Dont know what I am going to do

    How do you know you've had it for 10 years?
  8. Lonelygirl88

    Dont know what I am going to do

    Thank you for replying to me. Do you have kids? I am so glad that you found someone!! If you have never had symptoms you should do a western blot test. You could have had a false positive test.
  9. Lonelygirl88


    Man I hate the waiting game... So I just got blood tested again at my 8 weeks after exposure for hsv2. It is again neg. Which I am excited about but of course people say well it can still be positive... I just hate waiting. I hate having this pit feeling in my gut about the what if it is positive.. I hope this negative means that I am truly negative.
  10. Lonelygirl88

    Driving myself mad

    It was nice to read that. It's crazy how many people are living with this and not even knowing it. I blame it on the health departments not adding it to the main panel to test for. I can't even believe why Hospitals don't check automatically when pregnant. When I found out about this I was panicking and called my office that checked me while pregnant and asked if they checked for it and she was like no, only if you had a history of it... I was like well how the hell would I have known unless I was freaking tested. Ugggh it made me so mad. But anyways , you are right, this doesn't define who we are. I am trying to accept it. I don't want to live miserable for the rest of my life. I want to be happy again. I want to continue having a successful life. I want to go back to school and build up in my career. I want to be happier with my child... I don't want this to control my life. I want to be more like that girl that goes around talking about her ghsv2. Have you seen her on you tube. I think she is only like 25. I can't remember her name but she just openly talks about her situation and she feels so free. I would love to actually talk to her in person. I wish I just had someone physically here to talk to.
  11. Lonelygirl88

    Driving myself mad

    I am right there with you. I am a mess and I think I am becoming obsessed too. That is great you found someone who is accepting. I fear that I will not be so lucky but I hope I will be. Don't know why I am even wanting it. I have a child and I am more afraid for her then some guy. I don't know how to make myself happy again. I'll get happy for like a sec and then I look at myself and just get right back to feeling miserable. I wish I could go back to not even knowing I had this just so I could feel normal again. I am 30 as well and I just feel like my life is over. I know this isn't a death sentence and I should just go back to normal like others say, but... Damn.. I just wish I could go back and change this shit.
  12. I just found out I have hsv1 genitally. Well shit I have no if I have it orally too. I have never had a lesion on my mouth but who knows. I don't know how long I have had this... But i am miserable and very depressed. I have a 3 year old and I'm so scared about spreading it to her or if I have had this during birth and didn't know it. I am scared no one is ever going to want me... I just feel so worthless and so disgusting. I dont know how I am going to mend from this.