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  1. Hi, I was diagnosed in late January with a brutal OB that chose my derriere as it's spot. I had all the usual pains etc, and then a while later went on 500mg of Valtrex suppressive therapy, mainly for peace of mind and to not infect others. this past week i've felt a very light poke/tickle in the same area but haven't seen any sores outside of my bottom (they were inside too). Wondering if this could be my second OB as can they be this light? I mean it's a little annoying but by no means is it painful or immobilizing like the last one? I'm also curious as I've been talking to someone new and want to make sure I know how an outbreak feels. Thanks!
  2. dont beat yourself up. I do the same thing, but lack of education on the topic is what I believe was a key in me acquiring it. I thought I was vigilant against STD's and kind of thought Herpes was rare and there had to be oozing sores touch your skin for transmission which obviously was wrong. It just kind of happens to us regardless if you're safe or not, promiscuous or not. You did nothing wrong and you'll be ok. Sadly the stigma is what is obnoxious but don't buy into that trash.
  3. I know it's possible, obviously i'm not a Dr. but I've seen many women post that they have done it.
  4. you can have a natural birth or a c section. Your doc will probably put you on anti-virals in the last trimester.
  5. When you leave town do you take meds, oils etc just in case you have an outbreak? or am I over reacting..Again I'm new to all of this an just have so many questions
  6. It shouldn't matter if it's genital.
  7. As someone who has had A LOT of one night stands I of course was never disclosed to. I would have appreciated the heck out of it and still carried on. You TOTALLY were in no way in the wrong here. Sometimes I wonder if the way disclosure is brought onto us adds to stigma. Obviously it's important to disclose but as long as you aren't putting any one in harm it's up to you when you want to. We're adults and can make an adult decision regardless as to which brain our blood is concentrated at the most..... 🙂
  8. Think about it like this, you never know if anyone is interested if you don't try, and for every person that rejects you, there is definitely one that wont. That's the approach I'm trying to take with the disclosures I'm about to face. Including a woman I've been crazy about for years. I'm so nervous because my plan this year was to finally ask her out, but now I have a bit of an albatros...... I went through a brutal divorce (she was a cheater!) and have only had 2 extremely toxic relationships since. I went on an extremely unsafe sex bender for 2 years probably sleeping with over 200 women and low and behold in the past 2 years I've had a pretty dry and mundane sex life and a herpes diagnosis appears! I've been pretty depressed too so I know how you feel, but I know I can't keep being upset because like it or not I'm stuck with the H. Look up the instagram comic "My boyfriend has herpes" it really made me feel good.
  9. how have subsequent outbreaks been? Were you diagnosed w HSV 1 or 2?
  10. Hi everyone. first and foremost thank you for all you do here. The new diagnosis is scary and extremely depressing which is a bummer but you all help the loneliness that comes with it. I was diagnosed late jan and while at first i was pretty numb to it the depression hit fast. It goes in waves as i know deep down in the grand scheme of things it's really not a big deal but of course I've played the what if's game and blaming myself. However in reality the only thing I blame is my real lack of knowledge on the subject. I was always pretty careful and had a deep seated fear of HIV but I kind of just thought the only way you got Herpes was from sex with someone who has oozing sores everywhere which obviously is very far from the truth. I haven't been dating since, (and even before finding out) however i have relatively high hopes for my future as I live in a very populated section of Los Angeles where either people are most likely open minded about it or have it (a good friend claims she's slept with tons of men with it. Of course I'm still nervous about disclosure as I'm a fairly confident, good looking guy(at least I think) in my late 30's who somewhat has his shit together, plays in a band etc. I've gone through talking to women and feeling gross, feeling like a diseased freak, thinking I'm a walking shedding virus since finding out. However I am extremely upset about not being able to eat my favorite food Peanuts and peanut butter, as well as chocolate and coffee. My first visit with a new PC doc is in mid March and I'm going to beg for suppressive therapy if anything for a piece of mind in my first year. I'm wondering when you go on ST pills has it made it easier to live a somewhat normal life in regards to eating, not worrying so much about OB's etc? My first outbreak was so terrible and i had no idea what it was, I was bedridden for a week, sick, night sweats couldn't go to the bathroom it was horrible. I've heard that usually the first is the worst and it gets much easier, especially I think my immune system is solid I rarely get sick. Again thank you all for the support on here it really is something of a god send
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