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  1. Well it's been over 30 weeks past my last possible exposure. So I should of have a positive igg weeks ago.
  2. Went in and had another igg test. This was 39 weeks past exposure. This one came back positive with an index of 1.13. Doctor's said there is no explanation as to why this one was positive. They think it may be a false positive. It was an Elsa not western blot. Good news is Gene editing with crispr case 3 may have a cure for have in the future.
  3. I was just pregnant and hsv was not included in my testing. I was checked for everything else besides hsv and hpv.
  4. My last test was at 23 weeks. It was negative. I have been off valtrex for 8 weeks and am at 29 weeks past my positive swab. I go Tuesday and get retested.
  5. You can't get it from a pool or toilet seat. Did you ever get a blood igg test in the last 10 years? People can have it for decades and not have a outbreak. You may of had it for years and just didn't know.
  6. There are different index values for different test. You need to see what a positive value is for this specific test. Low positive can be a false positive. You can do a western blot to confirm a negative or positive. Also you can get hsv2 even with wearing a condom every single time.
  7. This happened to me. I had a positive swab for hsv2 and 6 months later still have negative igg blood work. My doctors are all saying it was a false positive. But we know I make antibodies bc I've always been positive for hsv1 by blood work. I also have a rare case bc I get soars in my private region for an auto immune disorder, so soars are not alarming. My doctors are getting tired of me requesting igg blood test because they all agree that I'm negative.
  8. I am in the United States. Ok so I talked to a virologist today. She said with 8 antibody test, 2 igm and 6 igg that it's not likely that all 8 missed the infection. She also said the valtrex would not of effected the test results if I already had a soar. She suspects that the pcr showed hsv2 and should of instead showed hsv1 instead. So she thinks I have hsv1 instead. All my doctor's, my ob, my reg doctor, my nurse at work, and a nurse practioner at planned Parenthood,is and 2 ob off of maven all think the pcr was a false positive and I'm negative for genital hsv and my soars are my normal soars from my auto immune disorder. I think they came to that conclusion bc my body makes antibodies for hsv1 so there is no reason for it to not make antibodies for hsv2. This is such a mess trying to figure out. I've talked to over 20 doctor's and 2 virologist about it.
  9. Well my auto immune disorder causes my body to be over active, not under active. My meds could cause me to take longer to develope antibodies but I didn't start those back up till after 12 weeks from the positive swab. And they have never effected my test results for my hsv1. I've always came back positive for that.
  10. The blood test I took has is 97 percent accurate for negative test results. Different test have different rates. And my hsv1, that I had since childhood, test positive every single time. Hsv1 is more likely not to show then hsv2.
  11. It was a pcr, so yes a swab. And soars are not unusual for me bc I have an auto immune disorder that causes them, but that is what they swabbed. Have you had a positive swab before also then negative blood work later also?
  12. Have you ever had an igg test done before? You could of had it prior to him if not. I was tested for it with every prior STD test so that's how I knew I was negative before. In your case I would say it's pretty possible that you have it. My case is a little complicated bc I had ulcers prior to this that was caused from an auto immune disorder. So ulcers are not unusual for me. That's why it's not certain if I have it for sure or not. I talked to the University of Washington today. The lady said even though their test is more accurate than the rest... No test is ever 100 percent. I am going to get it done here soon. I just went for another igg on Monday. Waiting on those results.
  13. Do you have negative igm/igg test? If your neg by igg then it means it was recent. Unless your like me and 6 months later your still negative. But I am positive I did not have it prior to this guy.
  14. CDC says everyone will have antibodies by 16 weeks, so you need to keep testing till then. Most doctor's say till at least 12 weeks. So I recommend to get tested till 16 weeks. But I read online it can take up to 6 months to show up. I go in next weekend to be retested and I'll be at 23 weeks. But then I was told opposite things. One doctor told me the valtrex they gave me could effect my results so I need to come off of it for 12 weeks and retest.
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