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  1. By the way, I have been experiencing tingling, burning and itching since my first outbreak, and have been worried that another outbreak might come on but I have no outbreak symptoms. Is a good rule of thumb to stay on the anti-virals until the tingling, burning and what not goes away (despite not having an OB)?
  2. Hi guys, I was recently diagnosed with gHSV1 and my initial outbreak cleared up over a week ago and I am still experiencing neuropathic burning, itching and tingling all around my genitals. I don't have any signs of a second breakout, so I'm wondering if this is common and if so if it's something that is associated with the initial outbreak, and if I should expect it to go away, and not come back, or is this something that tends to stick around? I'm really curious to hear other people's experiences with this, and also I'd like to understand what exactly is going on physiologically if anyone has insight. I'm hoping that my first outbreak will be the last, which seems to be a good chance with gHSV1, and of course I'm hoping the burning, tingling and itching I'm experiencing post outbreak goes away for good soon as well, and just want to hear other people's experiences or even get some data as to what I can expect here.
  3. Hi guys, I was recently diagnosed with gHSV1. I'm wondering if it is a good idea to take medication daily for an extended period of time to suppress the virus as much as possible since I heard the first year can be indicative of frequency of outbreaks moving into the future, and it seems plausible that the more you suppress it early on, the less likely it might be to cause outbreaks in the future. I was speaking to my doctor and they said that they recommend only taking Valtrex/Anti-viral medication during an outbreak and not daily long term as a preventative measure because the virus can become resistant to it and it may not work as well long term, plus there are negative side effects on your kidneys and other organs. Does anyone have first hand experience with which strategy to use? 1) Only use medication during outbreaks versus 2) Taking daily to prevent outbreaks long term)? Does anyone know of any studies that suggest which strategy is better?
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