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  1. Any1 else besides me wonder how COVID will effect those of us who have H1 or H2? Also food for thought: HSV is NOT life threatening. COVID can be. Right now bc we have a pandemic, ppl are going out of their ways to study COVID. Just goes to show if the WHOLE world works together for a cure, they can find 1. Then my mind wanders about STDs: HSV, HIV, HPV, &the diff hepatitises. A cure could be done if every1 had put the same effort in studying those dis-eases. As I watched on 60min tonight, there wont be a vaccine or "cure" for about a year & theyre doing other studies with meds to see if they can make anti virals. I Wonder if they tested HSV antivirals on COVID Aha also, we do have ppl that recover from COVID. But could this also effect the lungs herpetically? Which gives me rise to this: it would then be a "pre existing" condition... How is the average American going to afford treatments for it if the virus effects them in the future?? The need for a healthcare system that works is NOW On a diff note, if you know any1 that does get COVID, be kind. Dont treat them like lepers. Social distancing is necessary but See if they need u to pick up any groceries for them or even TP or kleenex. Im sure theyd even like it if you dropped soup by their doorstep
  2. I used to take valcyclovir only when i had an OB. Ive recently started taking it daily and have been for a few months but my prob is that i cant sleep until 2 or 3am. I dont take anything else Ive googled valcyclvir and insomnia and Ive gotten a couple hits of ppl saying theyve experienced it too while taking it I was wondering has anyone else experienced this? I didnt want to take acyclovir 2 or 3xs daily so i thought the one pill would be fine. Any1 take famvir? And have tried the other daily suppressives? What works for you? May be i should make a follow up with my dr. Its driving me crazy that i cant slp like a normsl person Any input would be greatly appreciated! TIA
  3. I have been diagnosed for 3 years. I still have not told my parents and i wont bc its none of their business. I'm almost 40 years old My parents are judgemental. Ive told my 19 yr old and 17 yr old (both boys)...had to shake up their worlds when I gave em the birds and the bees talk. Use your judgement and discernment about who to disclose to. Ive always disclosed to my partners
  4. However, as 2legit said, if u have preexisting conditions that effect the liver/kidneys etc, it can cause probs
  5. @Darkman, my GP has hsv1 and has related to me that there is no proof that valtrex is harmful to the liver. I take valtrex along with the vitamins/supplements you just mentioned. As 2Legt2Quit said, it may take your body a bit to get used to it again.
  6. Ah, ok i thought i saw that on here i think i saw something posted on terri warren's site though. I know hsv2 doesnt li the oral cavity and i knew it was a low # to have it orally but couldnt remember the stats. Wondering: for the few who have hsv2 orally, are they mostly female or male? Hmmm...
  7. Aw, yes ai also forgot about witch hazel
  8. Ive had similar symptoms like this within th first month of having H. Ive been diagnosed with herpes for 2 years. My symptoms havent been like that since then. Off and on, I will experience crazy itching. If your Dr doesnt hav H, he/she more than likely will not understand that these symptoms come a long with H. It varies also with each individual. @2Legit2Quit is diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and fights a lot of contiuous OBs and suffers from neuropathy. Reading previous posts will help you. For itchiness or burning heres what I have done or used: Tea tree oil (its also a natural bacterial and virus killer) Prep H Lotrimin or tinactin Goldbond powder (some ppl say dont use powder but goldbond was very soothing for me) Soaking in epsom salts) I have even drenched my lady parts in peroxide with a peribottle To kill the virus, Ive done such things as drenching a pad with tea tree oil and wearing one for a few hours a day. If its burning or causing swelling really bad, i ius ice and it helps! Ive also drenched a washed cloth with alcohol and have worn it as a pad as i slept. I havent done these "drenching" techniques in a long time bc my symptoms have gotten better with time (as I said, e1's symptoms,and severity of this dis-ease varies) I take: D3 (4000 mg bc Im vit D3 difficient. I do not recommend this amount but I take it bc of my difficiency, which Ive also previously posted a link on here showing how this difficiency may be related to my diagnosis) Vit C 1000 mg Echinacea with golden seal 1000 mg lysine 25 mg zinc (was told not to take more than 50 mg in vitamin world) And 500 mg of valcyclovir daily, I up it to 1000 mg if i feel prodome (hehe, my gyn gave me an Rx for 1000mg to take PRN and my GP gave me an Rx for 500 so that's how Ive been able to get diff mg's) Valcyclovir makes me very thirsty so through out the day, I do my best to stay hydrated. I find that the more hydrated I am, the less nausea I feel from the meds. I also avoid beverages high in caffeine(Hard to do bc i LOVE sweet tea). I find drinking lots of coffee triggers the virus. Supposedly arganine triggers this so I stay away from foods that contain nuts. Supposedly, wine does that too and I find if I drink a lot if alcohol, it triggers it. All in all, diet plays a part too so you may want to consider making a few changes with your diet. @WCSDancer also has some good remedies and there are previous posts that can help you with home remedies. You will also find that others may have the same symptoms as you as well. Welcome to the forum: it's comforting to know that youre not a lone.
  9. Thx what was the yransmission rate for oral sex with hsv2? I forget
  10. Im almost in thecsame boat as you...i disclosed super early but we havent had sex yet but he's still been there every step of the way. I want to fully make sure we have a deep connection as we think we do before doing the deed. Each of u you have a choice and it's to be discussed as your relationship builds. He knows the risk and he's making a choice and I think you hold strong integrity for wanting to protect him. This is between you both but just remember condoms still do not guarantee that he will not get H. Best of luck to you.
  11. I just got clarification. Female to male without condoms and without meds is 4%. With condoms/just meds 2% with both condoms and meds 1% Am i correct @2Legit2Quit? ;-)
  12. Thank you. Yes, I was referring to female to male ratio. I stayed with my ex who was my giver of hsv2 for 2 years, so after I caught it, we never used anything. Making sure I KNOW current transmission rates with someone who's Hsv-
  13. Need clarification: Is this correct: W/o condoms and w/o meds transmission rate is 4%? With meds only (no condoms) it's 2%? With both meds and condoms it's 1%?
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