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  1. Hey, same exact situation as you unfortunately. This month makes it a year for me with on going everyday symptoms exactly like yours and guess what I also test negative for herpes every time, tested for everything as well but I'm certain it is what I'm dealing with here. Hopefully it gets better for you one day I can't even imagine how awful it is that you have been dealing with this for 5 years but I'm on that same path.
  2. Get another test, Looks like you are at 6 months so the test should be as accurate as it's gonna get, I plan on taking the test one last time if it's negative I really want to put this herpes thing behind me. I have someone I'm interested in and currently hanging out with so I feel what your going through on that front and it just adds on to the stress.
  3. Doesn't really matter what I eat the lip burning is usually consistent but I did have a moment where it felt like it really flared up after a night of heavy drinking, I had to message my doc for some acyclovir and it toned it down, the relief I got from acyclovir really feeds into the idea of this being herpes. Sometimes stress or anxiety can cause lip burning but I had no paranoia of herpes when I suddenly woke up one day and my lips where burning, I don't even mention this anymore to doctors they just look at my lip and say there is nothing there and that I'm being anxious and nobody really seems to believe that herpes has the potential to last this chronically long in this way. I just know this is not in my head this is irritating, there was a recent post on reddit where this guy spilled water on his shirt and said shirt touched his lip and now he is experiencing his lips burning as well and he is convinced he now has herpes-it's ridiculous stories like these why I understandably can see why others think I i'm just being anxious.
  4. Hey guys, Recently been going out with someone, a long time interest but the only problem is I truly don't know if I'm herpes negative. Back in August I had an encounter that left me with irritated and burning lips and later on I developed what looks like candidal intertrigo between my inner thighs that is resistant to every fungal cream and oral medication made available to me by prescription and I'm still following up with appointments to see whats up with that , to this day I have not had a traditional outbreak/sores and the only thing that came close was at one point and only once after shaving I had in gown hairs on my scrotum with clear liquid-possibly folliculitis? I've tested negative for everything, negative for type 1 and 2 at 12 weeks by Igg by quest labs here in CA which I believe use the Elisa Blood test that have a 91% sensitivity and 92% specificity for HSV-1 and a greater accuracy for HSV-2, my doubt on truly being negative stems from the to this day constant mild lip burning and inner thigh/groin issues and that the person I last had an encounter with had a red blister on her lip to which she brushed off as a sunburn but in reality I truly believe it was a cold sore and behold 2 days later my symptoms crop up. At 6 months I requested a full std test for everything but for herpes my doctor insisted on a "igm" test despite me wanting the igg and everything came back negative. Truly going through some mental torture about this, only reason doctors haven't brushed me aside as a hypochondriac is because the skin between my inner thighs truly looks abnormal.Feel like I need to end things with this person at this point I couldn't forgive myself If i potentially hurt someone else.
  5. MarcT I've tried a variety of creams as well, doctors on visual exam believe its fungal, but the medications don't really seem to effect it, i'm in the same situation as you with mostly redness and irritation going on since August and so far no positive result on any of my tests. Plenty of people have dismissed this as herpes, but I have reasonable suspicions to believe this is herpes-the girl I was seeing had a red blister on her lip which she told me was from a sunburn but most likely it was a cold sore because it certainly looked like one. Trying to keep a open mind though on other possibility's because other things can mimic herpes in appearance and symptoms like intertrigo, staph infections and fungal, and those are known to cause long term irritation till they are treated properly, I'm constantly seeing my doctor about this and he for sure doesn't believe this is something that I'm making up, the skin anomalies are always present upon my visits and he is open to the idea of this being herpes as he has seen similar unusual cases of herpes before. Anyways if I ever get a proper diagnoses I keep you updated.
  6. Sounds like you have Behcet's Disease: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/behcets-disease/symptoms-causes/syc-20351326
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