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  1. I need some help guys! I was diagnosed with herpes 4 1/1 years ago. I've never transmitted it and never had issues. My boyfriend and I have been going through a rough patch and haven't been having sex. Last night we did. Here's the problem. Since we haven't been having sex, I decided yesterday to use a vibrator. It was on the highest level. I noticed a few hours later that my right inner labia was sore and swollen. I figured it was from the toy. Out of the blue. My bf and I had sex. The labia was sore and hurting a bit. I woke up this morning to the labia still swollen. It looked like there was a sore on it. It only hurts because I've been squeezing it. I have an appt tomorrow with the gyno but I'm really freaking out! I know that an OB can happen anywhere, but if I ever have any bumps, it's on the outer vulva, around the anal area, or on just inside the laboria minora. Never on the inner lip. I just don't wanna pass this on to him. I haven't in 4 years and was feeling comfortable. I initially thought the swelling was from the vibrator but now, I'm wondering if I had an active hsv bump and had sex.... the wait for the gyno tomorrow is the worst.
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