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  1. Thanks all, It took about another week but the nerve pain subsided. Definitely will try some supplements, and I’ve heard changing my diet could help too. Fingers crossed!
  2. I’m experiencing the exact same thing. My ghsv1 initial outbreak (about a month ago) was bad sore wise and healed up quickly. It wasn’t until last week I started experiencing nerve pain, skin sensitivity and swollen lymph nodes. I ended up with a second less severe outbreak, but the leg pain was unbearable. Doing another lower dose round of valtrex helped with the brevity of sores, but I still have skin sensitivity down my thighs, up my back, and numbness in my groin. All of it has made me really paranoid that there’s something else, so it helps to know someone else has experienced it too. I’ve seen other posts about it, especially related to ghsv1, so I think it’s normal, just awful. Hope you feel better and that this helps!
  3. I also just got diagnosed recently and I felt the same way, it went away quickly with valtrex and my symptoms were gone within two weeks. Seems typical for a primary outbreak, though I am in the midst of a second fairly painful outbreak after a week being off meds, so just continue to care for yourself and hope for the best
  4. Hi all, I’ve recently been diagnosed with genital HSV1. My primary outbreak was about 3 weeks ago, and was insanely brutal. Couldn’t walk, sleep, sit or stand to wear pants. Had minor flu symptoms but nothing too crazy just felt like a head cold with a fever. I took the 2g of valtrex for the full ten days, tons of salt baths and generally did everything I was told. Blisters were gone and not painful within 8 days of starting valtrex, and I felt like I was in the clear. It’s been about a week and a half since I finished treatment and I’m in another outbreak. Not as bad blister wise, they’re in a different area, less bumps, (still crazy painful) but this time I’m having insane skin sensitivity (allodynia) all down my legs, back and butt cheek. My right groin lymph node is also insanely swollen, tender and painful and about 3 days ago I noticed sections of my vulva were numb and now are the areas that blistered. I figure it may be normal to have a recurrent outbreak so shortly after, but I can’t find any info on “secondary primary” outbreaks for lack of a term, especially for genital type 1. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, if the nerve pain/numbness is normal, and besides to take another round of Valtrex should I talk my doctor about anything? The skin sensitivity is to the point I can’t sit because I feel like my skin is raw, salted and on fire (also any recommendations besides Advil for that?). On a more positive note this forum has been very helpful in accepting all this. Thanks in advance for your replies!!
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