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  1. I found that icing really helps a lot! Drink tons of water to flush everything out and add L-lysine with a multivitamin helps. Hope you feel better soon!
  2. Thank you so much for the advice I will continue to hope for the best. My doctor just called me my lab work came back. I have type 1 which is the most common one. He says stress and weak immune system can be a trigger I just need to find out which one it is. In some people being out in the sun to much can be a trigger, I work out in the sun for 8hrs so i will have to be more careful. If it comes back often then I will have to start taking the meds every day but for now it’s a wait and see. So I have to work on strengthening my immune system and learn to relax more.
  3. I was diagnosed with genital herpes last Monday and was given valacyclorvir for 7 days. I finish my pills tomorrow and have also been taking L-lysine and drinking tons of water. I’m starting to feel myself again and the pain is gone! I look completely normal down there again, is this ok? Am I supposed to be this ok?
  4. I was diagnosed with genital herpes earlier this week and my boyfriend is accusing me of cheating. He has no symptoms and I have only been with him for the past two years. I’m so lost on how could this happen and I’m trying to deal with all the pain and trying to get back to normal.
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