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  1. My husband had a cold sore and went down on me. Is this how I could have gotten herpes? I had my first outbreak a few weeks later.
  2. So for my back story.. I got my first OB in January of this year. It was the worst pain in my life as I’m sure you all can relate. It was brutal. I originally went to an instacare place and they gave me meds for my first OB and told me to follow up later with my gynecologist. I didn’t have insurance so I never went and maybe that’s my problem. Every month since then I’ve had (what I think) is an outbreak. It seems to go along with my menstrual cycle. I get it the same point of time during my cycle every month. I always get it a week before my period. It’s nothing like the first OB, but it’s definitely very uncomfortable and I can’t have sex with my husband for like 2 weeks every month. Has anyone had anything similar? And is it normal that I get an OB every month?
  3. Can you tell me what happened? It seems like I’m going through the same thing for my second OB.
  4. I’m pretty positive I’m having my second outbreak. I started getting itchy and felt some bumps so I immediately started taking Acyclovir. It hasn’t gotten any worse or better. And that was yesterday afternoon. When should I expect the sores and pain to come? Is the second one as painful as the first?
  5. I got my first outbreak a couple of months ago which absolute hell on earth. I’ve never experienced something so painful and I’ve had 2 kids! Now I feel like I’m getting my second outbreak. I’ve heard the first is the worst but are other outbreaks super painful as well? I just can’t imagine going through that again. I was supposed to go to a gynecologist after but never did. I have acyclovir. Do I just take that twice a day still or what do I do?
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