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  1. Can you tell me what happened? It seems like I’m going through the same thing for my second OB.
  2. I’m pretty positive I’m having my second outbreak. I started getting itchy and felt some bumps so I immediately started taking Acyclovir. It hasn’t gotten any worse or better. And that was yesterday afternoon. When should I expect the sores and pain to come? Is the second one as painful as the first?
  3. I got my first outbreak a couple of months ago which absolute hell on earth. I’ve never experienced something so painful and I’ve had 2 kids! Now I feel like I’m getting my second outbreak. I’ve heard the first is the worst but are other outbreaks super painful as well? I just can’t imagine going through that again. I was supposed to go to a gynecologist after but never did. I have acyclovir. Do I just take that twice a day still or what do I do?
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