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  1. I'm confused...you're assuming you have it? If you do have it then yes...hsv1 or 2 can be transmitted fro. Either mouth to genitsls or Visa versa. If he goes down on you and you have an outbreak or even have the virus he is rolling the dice. If you dont have an outbreak down there and are on suppressive meds daily the odds are much lower but still...you either get herpes 100% or you dont 0%....so always a gamble. Make sense? Also if he has it on his mouth or oral and goes down on you then for sure you are rolling the dice on getting it down there. Your call if you dont have it now and are assuming you will get it from him...that's love. I would be doing a lot of precautionary things to prevent it....take it from someone who has it. Not fun...
  2. You were born an original, dont die a copy
  3. Can anyone give me some clarity, number, percentages lol of this horrible thing. I get the awesome experience (as I'm sure we all have/will) of telling my ex who is hopefully going to be my again girlfriend this upcoming weekend when I go see her that i have hsv2. I got it the year we were apart but i know to not have sex during ob and to wear a condom and I take 500mg of acyclovir for suppression Can some one give me some ammo for my very tough convo...thanks in advance:)
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