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  1. Oh wow! You are having HSV2 oral outbreaks once a month while on Valacyclovir?? I’ve been reading that HSV2 only sheds orally about 1% of the year, and that’s cut in half with suppressive therapy. Are you HSV1 positive too? I don’t mean to pry. I’m just trying to rationalize things in my own mind.
  2. Thank you so much for responding!! Can I ask how frequently you’ve gotten the “canker sores” in your mouth since diagnosis? I keep reading the oral HSV2 rarely recurs, but I definitely think I’m on my second ob.
  3. Y’all... I just spent the last hour reading each post from the very beginning of this thread. I am so glad to read stories of black people living with this too! I’m a 24 year old Black woman who was diagnosed with HSV2 in February after unprotected sex with a “booty buddy” throughout the month of December. So many things about this experience have been frustrating. First off, I told my partner about a week or so after I found out. I also told him about the chlamydia he gave me too. Do y’all know this man still hasn’t seen a doctor?? He doesn’t have health insurance, so he’s just ignoring it I guess. Secondly, I feel like I can’t get a doctor to treat me with respect and genuinely hear my concerns. I really think I have HSV2 orally too but no doctor will confirm it because I am not experiencing cold sores. I had what I think was an initial oral outbreak in December before I was officially diagnosed with HSV2 (extreme sore throat, white covered tonsils, fever, exhaustion). I was tested for strep and was negative. I was given antibiotics that did not help at all. About two weeks and it cleared up on its own. Now I have what my doctor says are “canker sores” inside of my cheeks, but I also have small blisters in the back of my mouth. I just have never experienced any of these things until I contracted HSV2. Every doctor I’ve seen immediately tells me that HSV2 typically doesn’t infect orally. I know that, but I am convinced I’m one of the cases that is atypical. I have had two very mild genital outbreaks but that’s been it. I just have a one year old who I’m terrified of passing it along to orally via our day to day interactions. It’s a blessing to find this thread and I’d love to hear the experiences of people with oshv2.
  4. Just wanting to hear the experiences of others with oral HSV2. Does everyone get cold sores? What about in your mouth? Or your throat? I’m HSV2 positive and haven’t gotten a doctor to take me seriously about my OHSV2 concerns because I’ve never had cold sores 🤦🏼‍♀️.
  5. Oh my gosh! This is me!! I was diagnosed with HSV2 last month. Every doctor keeps trying to reassure me that I don’t have oral HSV2, let alone herpetic esophagitis. But for the first time in my life, I have “canker sores” inside my cheeks, a scalloped tongue, and little small bumps in the back of my mouth. All doctors have told me that I haven’t presented with cold sores and the spots in my mouth don’t hurt, tingle, itch, or burn- so it’s not oral HSV2. I did test positive for strep throat but that doesn’t explain all of what’s happening orally. I also had what I think was a primary outbreak after contracting the virus in December. I had an extremely sore throat, huge inflamed tonsils, white coated tonsils/throat, and a few small painless spots in my mouth. Did you guys have a similar experience? I’m curious to hear from other women who feel like me.
  6. After having unprotected oral and vaginal sex, I was diagnosed with HSV2 back in February. Last week I started to have a sore throat and a low fever. I also noticed slightly raised painless bumps inside of my mouth, mostly in my cheeks and in the back of my throat. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep. She looked at the bumps in my mouth and said they didn’t appear to be herpes, but couldn’t really give me an answer. I followed up with my pcp who also said he wasn’t sure it was herpes, either. But he gave me an antiviral prescription just in case. Finally saw another doctor, who said they appeared to be canker sores and not herpes because I didn’t have a cold sore too. The bumps are slightly raised, flat across, and only kind of red. They don’t hurt. My throat does hurt, but I am still fighting off strep. I have had a very mild genital outbreak. So I know I have it down there. I’m just freaking out that I have HSV2 orally too. I know HSV2 is typically genital, but I do know it can also be oral. I frequently performed oral sex on this partner without protection. Is there anyone who has oral HSV2? What are your symptoms like? Have you had painless sores in your mouth without a cold sore?? Please help me with any information. I have a beautiful little boy and I am terrified of kissing him or letting him get too close until I know if I’m having an oral outbreak for sure.
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