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  1. Hi. Just wondering how you’re doing. I don’t know if what you wrote about is normal, I was just dx yesterday. But it looks like it’s been some days since you posted, thought I’d reach out and see how you are.
  2. I found out a couple hours ago that I have herpes. From what I understand, it’s pretty damn common, far more common that I knew, and that brings me a lot of comfort actually. However... I’m seeing my boyfriend tonight and will need to tell him. He knows I have a “UTI” which is what I thought it was... so... he will want to know how I’m feeling... besides that, I do have to tell him. I’m just super scared he’s going to blow up or be cruel and I’ll be too emotional/vulnerable to protect myself. I’ve read recommendations on how to say it - be upfront, don’t phrase it as negative, have information to share if hey have questions, etc. But I’m feeling like that’s easier said than done. I’m really bad generally about communicating about sex/relationship desires. Does anyone have any opener tips? Or conversational tips? I see a lot of “let it come up naturally in conversation” but wtf that ain’t a natural thing for me and I’ve got a lot of anxiety. I’m fairly certain my opening opportunity will be him saying “so how are you doing, or, are you feeling any better” asking under the assumption I have a UTI. Soooooooo how should I ... sigh. I’d also just love some general words of encouragement/connection to ppl who have herpes.
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