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  1. thats even more scary, but nor surprising! the UW wont even run the any ELISA or Immunoblot test IGG for HSV2. Only Western Blot. if the IgG is truly in your blood, it will be present on the blot + the other 14 peptides ex: IgB, IgD, IgE... if you get 1 or more proteins but not all, i think its scored as indeterminate...
  2. What was your IgG score>? if it was below 3.5 you'll need a confirmation via Western Blot. False positive on IgG scores below 3.5 is something like 20-40%! thats quite a a lot so your battle is not yet lost! chin up
  3. by no means im i trying to contradict you, or throw shade. or asking you to "get a WB" was just curious to see if you had one at all to compare to your swab. that is all My last 2 swabs came up neg, in addition to 3 IgG's, and a most recent WB. Everyone tells me to move on, think i might. cause this searching for something thats not even there is really getting old, and im exhausted πŸ˜•
  4. The WB was so expensive, but added value to my continuously (neg) results. It was one of the hardest things I did on my own, I was scared because there is an 8% chance that IgG tests are false neg, your value of .53 is a "high" negative to me. My value before the WB, was 0.09 for HSV2 and 0.02 for HSV1 via Clia immunoassay IgG at 10 months past exposure, really low numbers. Looking at past posts, many that have been IgG neg but swab (+) have also been on hsv suppressants for extended periods of time. Sorry to hear that some idiot ghosted you, maybe he was scared of getting test
  5. Tk have you done the WB yet? im curious to see what you or your "giver" would outcome on the Test. Also was the IGG via ELISA" Herpeselect or Captia", or CLIA "Laison"? What were your values? from the other posts i've read about people being swab (+) but igg (-) usually have higher negative scores to begin with. To me, anything over 0.50 is a high neg, and anything in the .90 range is almost equivocal Also if its a Glycoprotein (G-deficiant) strain one has, the WB should pick up the other viral capsule antigens (IgE. IgD. IgB) exct...
  6. you're a sweet soul, thank you. i hope you and many others are right, i just dont know what is wrong me, if anything... Never had the "Classic symptoms" or blisters, however i feel like somethings not right, I feel like i'm not that same person anymore. I look in the mirror & dont even recognize my own face 😞 Thanks again for your kind words.
  7. I'm sorry that you came across someone who was so rude, careless, an unapologetic. So much evil in the world, that people have no regard for others. I think I replied to your topic last month, but let me reiterate my response. GHSV1 is not the same as GHSV2! at least in an isolated situation. You got infected like many adults because you lacked hsv1 antibodies that are usually acquired as a child getting coldsores. If you were in room full of 10 people, 5 out of 10 have the same virus as you. whether or not its on their lips or is nobodies business but their own. The disclosure for f
  8. recent hsv2 exposure , usually presents as painful lesions and chronic symptoms such as fever, swollen lymph nodes, dysuria, constipation, bleeding, exct. unless you have hsv1 previosly, it diminishes & ameliorates hsv2 symptoms due to hsv1 antibodies fighting off hsv2 infection. I had a risky exposure with an older male, and experienced proctitis like symptoms for 2 weeks. then mild itching and discharge, every IgG blood test comes back (--) ,swab test of discharge comes back (NEG -), Western Blot came back neg for both types. im still testing,,,hoping its hemorrhoids, go
  9. for IgG the most accurate "wait time" with 92% accuracy, yes 92% is the suggestive sensitivity that IgG test has been studied by the UW, is 12 weeks for hsv2, but only 70% hsv1 By 16 weeks a Western Blot test should can be ordered for 99.9% accuracy for hsv2 & 96% for hsv1, also No antivirals during the "seroconversion time frame" for accurate results. Any lesions , redness, or discharged should be swabbed with NAAT or PCR no culuture. Surface Antigen swab me be used in place of culture, " but does not differentiate between type 1 or 2. Your symptoms suggestive balantis
  10. Has anyone done a biopsy as a last resort to either seek evidence of active or past infection( scaring tissue, granulomas, exc ) ? After negative IgG's, Swabs, and a Western Blot, I want to move on so badly. I feel like my only 2 options are to accept the repetitive Negative results, or do a biopsy as a final peace of mind. This issue is still something i think about everyday, i have no love life, im losing friends, and just not enjoying life anymore... 😞
  11. from what Infectious Disease experts reiterate, having an established hsv1 antibodies, ameliorates the symptoms of a recently acquired hsv2 infection. This beens the antibodies to hsv1 lessens or diminished the symptoms of Hsv2, to the point to where most never even have a symptom. You may have picked it up somewhere, years ago, but never had a symptoms because your hsv1 antobodies kept it in check... however, False positives do happen, a western blot test helps sort out low positive igG scores. hope that helps.
  12. The Western Blot is by far your best bet for clarification, not all hsv2 viruses have glycoprotein- G or G- deficient strains, thus IgG will always be negative. And .9 as in .90? thats a strong negative btw, almost borderline equivocal. unless you meant 0.09 The blot looks for all of the antibodies associated with the virus IgD, IgE, IgC, VP16, and VP5, and according to Terri Warren picks up G-deficient strains. If your PCR was negative I would strongly believe in that, considering you actually had something to swab. I'm curious to see what your Blot results would be. Also
  13. Western Blot or IGG ? Any swabs? What does your Doctor say? Have you talked to Terri Warren? What is your IGG index value if I may ask? Unfortunatly there are a lot of things were exposed to, there's no HPV test approved for males, or a routine test for mycoplasma. Both cause similar symptoms. And Mycoplasma cannot be cleared from the body without antibiotics! it lays dormant just like a virus πŸ˜•
  14. I can believe the negative tests. But when I have mild itching or sometimes "discharge" it sets me off, To be fair I've never had "classic or typical blisters". With the exception of 1 tiny anal fissure, thats appeared once & only once, Every picture i've googled looks nothing like what i've ever had, just mild irritation. All tests for HSV1&2 comes back (-) neg. But My blood work comes back suggestive of Crohns, but no rectal biopsy ever taken, just sigmoid & above. For me it makes no sense that someone would make Antibodies ( Vaccine or exposure ) towards VZV, CMV, EBV
  15. thank you for your perspective on my situation even though its reminiscent of a jerry springer story πŸ˜• its been something i've slowly been getting over. Congrats on the negative western blot. What were your symptoms of I may ask? & How common in the Gay Community? have you met hsv positive gays? The only thing the internet told me was most MSM who were (+) for hsv2 were also likely to contract HIV or be coinfected! I found that frightening 😞 In addition to the negative Igg/Western Blot antibodies, I've also tested neg (-) on 1 hsv surface antigen swab (similar to culture)
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