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  1. All the advice in this thread is so good! Thank you.
  2. @GreenFern43 what did the text say to your partner? I need some advice on disclosure to a non-bf partner.
  3. Thanks for this. What did you say in the text? I’m going through the same exact thing.
  4. I was diagnosed last week. I was feeling pain with urinating and I felt sore as if I just had really dry sex so I went to the doctor and she said it was herpes. I did a blood test and it came back positive for HSV-1. What is the difference between that and HSV-2? What should I know? Thank you everyone.
  5. Riseandfall, I just was diagnosed with HSV-1 last week. At first I was in shock. I didn’t ever picture myself as someone who would would ever have an STI. I was in denial and then I was angry and then I was sad. Now I’m accepting it and learning that it doesn’t make me any less of a person. I’m still the young, vibrant, excited woman I always was. This isn’t going to define me and it won’t define you. And if you meet someone who says otherwise, cut them out and put them to the wayside. Try doing something new, like a hobby or new social sport. Check out eventbrite for free events in your area. They have tons of art, music, food and outdoor activities. The more I focus on all the cool things I’m doing and can do with my life, the better I feel. You will get through this. We will get through this. Xx
  6. Hi everyone, I am 29, female and live in LA. Was just diagnosed last week and still coming to terms with getting it from an ex partner. Would love a buddy to chat with. I’m very active, focused on my career while maintaining a social life. I would love to talk to those trying to navigate dating because that’s what I have the most questions about. Thank you.
  7. I was diagnosed last week. I almost fainted at my doctor’s office. I kept thinking why me? I’m 29, healthy, good job, solid family. I was in denial at first. And then angry that someone gave it to me. But I realize that many people have it and just don’t know it. Being angry won’t help me. Now, I’m just taking it day by day. I wanted some advice on disclosing to the guy I recently began dating before I got this diagnosis. I can’t be sure if it was from him or my ex partner since apparently the virus can lie dormant. Either way, how have you all shared your diagnosis with a newer partner?
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